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What Does Shorten the Life of Your Car? - Vol.62

Buying a vehicle is easier, but maintaining it in good condition is tougher task. Vehicles are today's necessity rather than a luxury. With increase in demand, there is increase in supply prices along with gasoline prices hike every other day. Therefore, sometimes owners try save fuel and money. They run the vehicle till it gets dry off the fuel. This decreases the life of the engine and battery. Running out of patrol is not a good practice. People running out of gas on freeway are not a safe idea.

When the fuel in the tank goes down beyond the levels there is a possibility of collection of dust and debris, this in turn can clog the fuel injector, which decreases the flow the of the fuel and decrease the life of the car. The decrease in flow makes the engine harder to get the fuel. If the fuel injector pump is inside the tank, then it needs some level of fuel to keep it cool. Therefore maintaining certain level of fuel in the vehicle is very important to smooth running of the automobile.

Hence, when we own an automobile whether it is a four wheeler car, or two wheeler, maintaining it is a lifelong process. If we preserve it nicely, then it is a good investment. One should keep a track of good maintenance schedule of the vehicle. Negligence in regular servicing will end up into more expenses and low efficiency issues. Car or two wheelers for too many years can require part replacement and many repairs. Hence maintaining them beforehand can save some money.

It could happen that one morning when we are in hurry for office or school, and as we insert a key in ignition, it will not start at all. This could be due to dead battery, which will cost lots of money. Normally, a car battery can last for three to five years without any interruptions. It should have consistent maintenance history and using good fuel. Even harsh climates are responsible for battery damage. Therefore, proper care should be taken during severe winters, summers, and even rainy days. Due to overcharging of battery, there could be a possibility of battery corrosion. In addition, if the battery is not used for long time, then the connections and terminals of the battery can get disconnected and damaged. Therefore, regular usage of vehicle is necessary to keep battery running in good condition. In addition, if the batter terminals are damaged then the mixture of water and baking soda can help to clean it up.

If the battery charger is not charging, the battery correctly there could be some problem with the car life and battery. Blown diodes, worn out drive belts, and damaged regulators are some of the reasons that will give improper battery charging. Therefore, proper charging is also necessary. Taking the car to local repairing shop for battery charging is a good idea. There the charging system will get checked which will reduce the damage of the battery too early. Following some simple steps can prevent the damage of the car and increase the life of the car:

Always go through the manual book properly. In the book there is a schedule given as to when we need to service the car. Following it properly will increase the performance.
·  If there are short trips scheduled, then better avoid driving. If we start the car cold and immediately turn them off this is the worst treatment given to the vehicle. It can damage the engine..
·  Always check the oil and fluids of the car. Change oil regularly, which is the source of smooth running of the engine..
·  Change air filter regularly..
·  Replace the power steering fluid, brake fluids, cooling fluids regularly..
·  Always make regular checkup of the brake system like brake pads, and metal of the brake. Brake failure is very dangerous on the road.

With some precaution and regularity, we can have great driving experience with great life of the car.