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Is A Police Car Any Different Than A Regular Car? - Vol.65

Many people must be wondering whether there is any difference between the police car and the regular civilian car. People might think that some special people must manufacture police cars. They must be having some special equipments but it is not like that. The police cars are have all the standard features of the regular automobile. Only those vehicles, which are converted into police cars from military cars, have some special features. Generally, regular automobiles are converted into police cars with wireless features.

Generally, huge and spacious cars fit most as police cars. In America, cars like Ford Crown, Chevrolet Impala, etc., are large cars, which are most suitable as police cars. They have nice space in front and in back. Engines are large and strong to give good performance. In some parts, sports utility vehicles and trucks are used as police cars. Sports utility vehicle is the best option for chasing culprits. Lamborghini cars are used as police cars in countries like Italy. They are good cars for police raids and arrests.

The police cars need to be strong and sturdy. The police cars needs to do chasing, catching the culprit, and many bangs and bumps while doing so. They need good wireless communication service with the control room. All these things are equipped in the car. Sometimes the car has to chase long distances and exceed the speed to 100 kilometers per hours. It has to run beyond its capacity. Therefore, there is a lot of wear and tear with the police cars. Therefore, the car has to handle rough treatment; there is a lot of banging into other cars and things. Therefore, police cars need to be very rough and tough.

Sometimes it may happen that the cars are running the city streets and highways all the day. Similarly sometimes, the police car is just idling at one spot with no action at all. Such chases on winter nights are very hard due to snow and climate, even summers can get weary, and rains are always disturbing during chases. Therefore, the cars should be in good condition to overcome all these climates. The cars should start immediately and speed up to cut the chase. They should be able to jump and run with good speed.

Police cars are reliable vehicle and companions of the police on rough days. The police cars are equipped with computer system, powerful radio system, good sirens, and many other types of equipment. The police cars are more sturdy and heavy them regular vehicles. They are heavy around 1000 pounds than regular vehicles. The durability and good performance is the main aim of the police automobile. Therefore, they are so heavy and sturdy. The engines are highly efficiency with V6 to V8 engine power. There is advanced alternator to give additional electric power to the car equipment. Powerful and heavy duty battery system is used to focus on dark areas of the streets. Powerful cooling system as police has to spend entire day in the car. Brakes and suspensions are powerful and extra efficient.

There are different types of police car available:
·  Decoy car with high visibility
·  Bait car
·  Rescue unit car
·  Demonstration car
·  Surveillance car
·  Dog unit cars
·  Community liaison cars
·  Sports utility and pickup trucks

The police cars are painted with bright colors with warning signs, which are understood and followed. Such signs are called as passive signs or passive visual warning. Flash lights and sirens running are active visual signs or audible signs. Therefore, police vehicles are not manufactured separately, but they definitely are sturdy and with technical equipment installed to help the police.