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Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Cars

  • Vol.395 - How to Drive Better Off-RoadNEW14.Mar 2018

    The fun of off-road driving is best understood by those who have experienced it. Leaving the road and hitting the trail is a fantasy that many family car drivers have. Then there are also many of those who own four-by-fours and never dare to leave the road. Knowing some basic things about off-road driving can inspire you to go off-road more often as well as improve the experience...

  • Vol.394 - Koreisha Mark, a Sign of Experience07.Mar 2018

    One of the things Japan is very famous for is the country's rapid economic recovery and development after the end of World War II. In the decades that followed, Japan experienced a truly astonishing, steep rise in the living standard. This was powered by the growing economy, salaries increase and great advance in the quality and accessibility of universal healthcare...

  • Vol.393 - How to Drive In a Traffic Jam?28.Feb 2018

    Traffic jams are an everyday reality for millions of people around the world. Many drivers plan their day and model their lifestyle according to traffic congestion. The list of things that you can do inside the car while being stuck in traffic grows impressively longer with only our creativity being the limit...

Author: Tamotsu Todoroki - Sales Department

Join in AGASTA CO., LTD. and dealing with purchase of stock for years. After that moved to Sales Department and start serialized Column about Japanese used cars as a car advisor with a good deal of knowledge.