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Customer's Voice
A Great Number of Thanks Letters

Listen to Customer's Voice
First of all, we would like to say thank you to all customers who purchased our vehicles and sent us thanks letters with smiling photos. Let us introduce a great number of customers voice we've proudly received since 2006. Search your related customer's voice and listen to what customers say about us.

  • Bahamasl love it

    Dear Ines

    This the 2007 Bahamas Cube Cubic l love it
    In Crooked Island Bahamas Heaven on Earth

    thompson timothy from , Bahamas
    Dear Mr. Timothy Thompson,

    It is a very beautiful place!

    Thank you for the lovely pictures.

    I hope you guys can have a lot of fun riding the car in family.

  • Mozambique I recommend all the guests to trust this company

    Dear Naka

    How are you today? This is to send the photo that you required about Mitsubishi Canter Guts. My message is to say thanks for our relationship since 2013 when I import the first vehicle Nissan March Micra. Until now was 5 vehicles and all came with very good mechanical conditions and no problems with stolen spares. I recommend all the guests to trust this company to buy your great and long last driving car.

    Domingos Mazoio from , Mozambique
    Hi Mr. Domingos

    Thank you so much for your message with nice photos.
    I am also glad to be your sales representative.

    We will try to improve our quality of car and service to get your satisfaction.

    You have already bought Five (5) cars, and hope we can make good deal continuously.

  • Solomon IslandsI'm very pleased with it.

    Dear Mat

    Thanks so much my car is running ok. I'm very pleased with it.
    Its condition is best I therefore recommend customers to buy vehicle from Picknbuy cos its genuine reliable and provide fast service delivery.

    Lawrence Nodua from , Solomon Islands
    Dear Mr. Lawrence Nodua,
    Thank you very much for your kind message.
    I'm very glad that you are satisfied with your vehicle.
    If you introduce more customers to us we will give you traditional Japanese gifts.
    Check out our campaign in the link below:
    Looking forward to do more business with you.

  • TongaAgain thank you so much.

    Dear Ines

    Have some good news for you. Vehicle Invoice N. 28377 has arrived Tonga. My people sent me some photos this morning. Again thank you so much.

    Sione Malakai Katoa from , Tonga
    Thank you always for your patronage, Mr. Sione!

    Once more I am glad to hear your friends in Tonga are happy with the purchase.

    Wish you all a good driving!

  • Western SamoaYou were amazing to work with and very hospitable.

    Dear Naka

    Me and my family would like to thank you very much for our new family car! You were amazing to work with and very hospitable. Thank you so much for your patience while trying to understand how to help us. We are very grateful for kindness and gratefully appreciate all that you have done for our family by providing us with our new family vehicle. Thank you!

    Sapulauti Sione Te'o from , Western Samoa
    Thank you very much for your e-mail with nice photl.
    I am so glad to hear that you have received it in good condition.

    This WISH is very good for family use.
    (I personally own exact the same model of WISH for my family)

    So please enjoy your car life with your family.