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How to Prevent Car Break-ins - Vol.66

Thefts are increasing every year, among which around $1.2 billion of personal stuff and car accessories are reported of being stolen. There are several car break-in reported every year. Car thieves are expert in breaking through all the security system the car has. There for car break-ins are increasing day by day. The interesting statistics suggest and amateurs do majority of car break-ins. Such amateur thieves get away with this due to carelessness of the owner of the car.

Generally, people are in hurry and they forget to lock the door. This reduces the task of thief. People think of getting a quick coke or something from a store and they leave the door open. These opportunistic are looking for such carelessness without our knowledge.

The purchased item or even an empty bag should be kept neatly in the car. Such things attract the thief. Simply locking the door will discourage the thief from breaking in. Even CD player or radio is very common accessories that thieves love to steal. Valuable or attractive things, which can gain attention of anybody, should be kept covered.

Below are given few useful tips to prevent from car break-in:

·  Choose parking place very carefully. The cars should be parked in open area, which is well lighted and populated, which should be near the destination. A spot near security camera will be the best place for the car. Parking the car near dumpsters, trucks, or van is not a good idea. Do not park in less frequented area or people sitting in the vehicle.
·  Parking in garages and lots is good thing. There the owner does not have to leave the keys in the car.
·  Near residence, always park the car in garage instead of parking on streets. Do not park in dark or isolated places.
·  When the car is parked, check whether all the doors are rolled up and doors are closed properly. Make sure of taking the keys. Even if there is a halt at the store or gas station for few minutes, always make sure to lock the door and take keys along. In convertible always, cover the car with the retractable hood to avoid any break-in.

·  Spare keys of the vehicle should be kept at home. Keys should not be left in the vehicle. Car break-in specialist knows all the places of hiding the key in the car. Leaving the key in the car will give easy chance for the thief for break-in and steal the car. Therefore, the spare keys should be either kept at home or kept safely in the wallet.
·  Leaving the car at less frequented area for long time will increase the chances of theft.
·  The vehicle should have interior hood and truck lock release system. If the car is not equipped with interior hood then it should be installed.

·  Knob type tapered buttons should be installed for easy use.
·  Alarm system to warn the theft is available. It starts ringing loudly as soon as somebody tries to break in, or even try to tilt or move the car.
·  While leaving the car at some store or any other place, this alarm system should be kept on.
·  When the alarm starts to ring, and the owner spots the thief, it is advisable to call a police or security guard instead of confronting the culprit, as it could be dangerous to confront the culprit alone.
·  While activating the car with remote keyless entry, it should be made sure that all the doors are properly locked. If the door is kept open, then keyless entry door can be easily opened.

With few basic security measures and carefulness such break-ins can be prevented and have a safe driving and safe parking in the parking lots. There are alarm systems available, which automatically alert the police or authority.