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Frequently Asked Questions

Popular FAQs

  1. Q1How long does shipment take?
  2. Q2What is the total cost required to own a car?
  3. Q3Can you discount?
  4. Q4What is Pick''s payment method?
  5. Q5Do you know our local clearing agent?

About Pick'

  1. Q1Who operates Pick'
  2. Q2Is Pick' trustworthy?
  3. Q3Why do people choose Pick'
  4. Q4What is office hour of Pick'

About Membership

  1. Q1What are the benefits of becoming a member?
  2. Q2Do I have to become a member?
  3. Q3How do I sign up as a member?
  4. Q4How do I recieve my ID and password?
  5. Q5I forgot my password!

About the Vehicle's Condition

  1. Q1How can I confirm the vehicle's condition?
  2. Q2What if I was unhappy with the vehicle's condition?
  3. Q3What is Reg.Year?
  4. Q4What is Seatbelts Year?

About Import Procedures

  1. Q1Which documents do I need to receive my car?
  2. Q2Do I need to contact a clearing agent?
  3. Q3How do I find the clearing agent?
  4. Q4When can I receive my car?

About Important Information by Country

  1. Q1For Zambian and Ugandan clients (What is JEVIC/EAA Inspection?)
  2. Q2For Tanzanian clients (What is EAA Inspection?)
  3. Q3For Central African, Nigerian, Senegalese, Mali and Guinean clients (What is CTN Document?)
  4. Q4For Mozambican clients
  5. Q5For Malawian clients
  6. Q6For Caribbean clients
  7. Q7For Clients importing through Durban port, South Africa
  8. Q8For Congo(DRC) clients (Apply for BIVAC number)
  9. Q9For Kenyan clients (What is QISJ Inspection?)

About Total Cost

  1. Q1What is FOB?
  2. Q2What is the total cost required to own a car?
  3. Q3How much is the shipping cost?
  4. Q4What does warranty cover?
  5. Q5What is stereo installation?
  6. Q6How do I receive a proforma invoice?
  7. Q7Can you discount?

About Payment

  1. Q1How do I receive a proforma invoice?
  2. Q2When should I pay?
  3. Q3What if the car was sold to another client after I paid?
  4. Q4When should I pay shipping cost?
  5. Q5What is Pick''s payment method?
  6. Q6What are your bank account details?
  7. Q7Can I pay by credit card?
  8. Q8Do you accept my local currency?

About Spare Parts

  1. Q1How to Order spare parts?
  2. Q2Are they Brand-New?
  3. Q3Can we order the parts which are not indicated on the list?
  4. Q4What about the courier cost?

About Shipment

  1. Q1How long does shipment take?
  2. Q2When will my car be shipped?
  3. Q3How will I know about the shipping schedule?
  4. Q4What is the information required for shipment?
  5. Q5What do I have to prepare for the shipment?


  1. Q1I have problem with accessing internet
  2. Q2Can I order by FAX or phone?
  3. Q3Can I buy left hand drive car?
  4. Q4Can I order spare parts?
  5. Q5I am not living in my country at the moment, which address do I indicate?
  6. Q6Do you have any representative outside of Japan?
  7. Q7Why do Japanese people trade their vehicles in so early?
  8. Q8Why is mileage(KM) so low?
  9. Q9What is Pick''s claim policy?
  10. Q10Can I amend the Bill of Lading?