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My Car Won't Start - What I Should Do? - Vol.74

Imagine a Monday morning, when you are in a hurry to rush to office. You are trying to finish your breakfast as early as possible and want to reach to office as soon as possible. You quickly open the garage shutter to get into your vehicle. You make efforts to start your car. Unfortunately, you car denies to do so. Now, you are in a big question, how to reach office and why your car is not getting started?

Well, It can be really frustrating situation and many of us face the same now or then. Nowadays, many vehicles are computer controlled. When you turn the car key and your car is refusing to start, then it becomes essential for you to find out the cause. However not very time, you need a mechanic for this. Yes, there is no need to spend your valuable money for paying large mechanic bills. With some basic knowledge, you can fix problems on your own. After turning your car key, if you are not getting anything except roaring engine, then you may have a bad day. It can be really frustrating situation.

For addressing a no-start problem, it is essential to begin with the battery and try again. Some vehicles feature a fuse that is related with the starting system. First of all you should check whether it is working or not. With time, car battery connections may become corroded and dirty. Due to this corrosion or debris, there may be connection problem in your battery, which may be creating a no-start issue. If you notice any kind of corrosion or dirt in your battery, then you should first clean all the battery posts. This can work and your car may get started.

Another possible reason is the dead battery. You can check this by suing a battery tester which can gauge cranking amps. Examine whether it is too weak. If you do not have one, then try to test the battery by jump starting your vehicle. In case car starts immediately, a dead battery is the most probable reason behind no-start issue. In this case, you may need to change your battery. In addition to new battery, you should check for good contacts and clean the connections if necessary.

After checking battery or replacing it, if you car is still giving problems, then there may be an ignition switch problem. In case of proper battery and silent starter, you need to check out for a damaged ignition switch. For this, you need to switch the key to the on position. If red warning lights on your dashboard do not turn on, then it is a clear indication that there is some problem because of ignition switch. On the other hand, if red warning lights do light up, then you should turn the key to the start position. With this action, your dash warning lights should turn off.

Another problem can be due to bad starter connections. Remember, besides creating problems in battery connections, corrosion can cause damage to electrical component, particularly the ones that are exposed. Thus, started is more prone to corrosion and may get damaged creating no-start issue. In this case, you need to take help of someone. If you are not confident, you can consult your mechanic in this regard.

However, if there is no problem with your starter and it spins freely after turning the key, then you need to check other parts. With above tips, you can address the no-start car problem on your own. However, if the problem persists, then it is always advised to consult your car mechanic as soon as possible for resolving the issue.