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When Should A Car Horn Be Used? - Vol.73

Are you one of those vehicle drivers who love to blow your car horn with no reason? Are you aware about laws associated with car horns? All vehicle owners are well aware about instances of noise from local road users and motorists. We can hear different sounds associated with vehicles while on road. Off course, cars are proposed to be the main culprits; however even buses, motorbikes and heavy vehicles are not the exception for it.

Car horns are supposed to be one of most common form of noise pollution. Do you know that it is illegal to blow horn between the hours of 11.30pm and 07.00am? Well, in this time, when all of us are supposed to be in deep sleep, horns are not allowed to be blown with the exception of emergency. In simple words, other road users and motorists that constantly flaunt these legal guidelines can break the law when they sound their horn in this duration.

However, not all motorists actually take into account the noise created by the horn. It also happens with us many times, without any reason, we or our kids go on sounding horn for fun. It not only creates noise pollution but also disturbs your neighbors and lot of other people too.

Many people think that only taxi drivers are the culprits. However, many visitors blow horn while leaving or arriving. They enjoy the announcement of their entry through horn. Is it really necessary? It is not at all fare to disturb others who are stressed whole day and are taking rest.

The laws associated with car horns may vary depending upon the state. However, one should keep in mind that blowing horn without any reason can contribute for noise pollution and disturb many including babies, elderly or ill people. The laws are there to control noise pollution within city limits. For all states the laws are relatively one and same and state that it is illegal to make use of a vehicle horn for any other purpose than to warn others. The vehicle driver can blow horn when it is reasonably necessary. The purpose of horn is to warn others. It should be used to insure safe operation. Horn is an audible warning to give way to vehicle or be aware that vehicle is passing bye or to mark the presence.

Many people are not aware about the laws associated with vehicle horns. Have you ever seen anyone who has ever been arrested for blowing horn? Probably your answer will be no. It is true that laws associated with car horns are rarely enforced, particularly in major metros. It can be a tough task for traffic controllers to start passing out tickets for horn-blowers. However, all these things does not mean that you can blow horn whenever you want or for no reason. It is also true that there is no authority for police officers to motorists for doing so.

Rather than thinking about legal aspects of car horns, every vehicle driver should think about his responsibilities for this society. If everyone keeps this in mind, then the day is no longer when there will be safely and quietly running vehicles on road. If you blow horn without any reason, your kids are going to do so. They are quick learners and will imitate your acts. So, be careful. So, keep in mind that car horns are to warn the people and not to tease anyone. Be aware about your responsibilities.

Next time, when you want to blow horn, keep in mind all the points above. Think again and then blow car horn.