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How to Keep Your Kids Safe in the Car - Vol.70

Do you think that car safety is all about toddlers and babies? Are you aware that motor vehicle accidents are the major cause of death in children above four years of age? It is essential that every vehicle owner should know the essential safety measures for their kids. As a responsible parent we must be more careful at each age.

We must understand different aspects of car safety. There are different terms of seats. Many parents find it very confusing. In general, an "infant-only seat" features a handle. Majority of the times, it is snapped into a base, which resides in the vehicle. On the other hand, convertible seat which can face forwards as well as backwards weighs slightly higher. There is height limit as well. It is essential to switch from infant to convertible seat at about 9 months. For younger kids, you can go for "Combination auto safety seats", which face forward. It can be utilized as a harness-type system. When your kids get older, you can even change over to a booster-style.

For older kids, it is possible to choose "Booster seats". These are particularly useful for children who have outgrown the size limits of a combination or convertible seat. In each case, it is very important to follow particular weight and height specifications as per the manufacturer specs. Many parents wait until their kids reach the maximum size for existing seat. However one should step up to the car safety seat of next size and style as soon as possible.

It is essential that children should ride in a rear-facing child safety seat for minimum of age two till they are not outgrown for the maximum size of current seat.

A frontward facing auto seat with a harness should be used for children above two years till age four. After this age, children can start to use a belt-positioning booster seat till they are not too big for it. Thus, in general these seats can be used for children of age range from 8 to 12 years and height of about 4.9". If your child is big enough and can make use of a seat belt alone, then you can go for a lap-and-shoulder belt. For all kids less than 13 years, it is recommended to make them seat in the rear seat of your car.

Remember that car safety is more than just seating. It is essential that all parents should not distract with their eyes while on the road. For anyone with children, car safety is an important aspect. It is essential to teach your kids about the safety rules. Further, you should enforce the safety rules. You should make your kids know the importance of basic road and car safety rules.

Car seats are probably the most important aspect in car safety with regards to your kids. As a responsible parent, you must invest time for researching and buying quality products with the highest safety ratings. Rather than price, you should think about features, quality and efficiency. After all, safety of your kid is worth nothing in the world.

Children are young little creatures,. It is essential that you pay attention to safety features in your car. You can talk about car safety to your younger kids. Let them know the importance of car safety and associated risks. This will help them to develop good habits that will keep them safer all the way through their lives. If you follow car safety rules correctly, your kids are more likely to do so in the future. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready with essential safety features for your kids and enjoy great fun with your loved ones now.