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Pros and Cons of Window Tinting - Vol.78

As with everything in live there are pros and cons. Window tinting isn't any different. That said, there a lots of reasons why you tint your windows, including health concerns, safety and privacy issues, along with protecting your investment.

Here are a few of the main reasons why people tint their vehicles.

One of the main reasons people opt to tint their windows is to avoid overheating. You know those squelching hot days I'm referring to. The ones that are just plain uncomfortable.

Well imagine how much the interior of your car heats up on these days. I guess you feel it when you sit on your seat and burn your backside. With tinted windows the interior temperature of your vehicle can be reduced by up to sixty percent with the proper tinting.

Definitely something to think about.

Sun Protection
Who would have ever guessed that the sun's harmful uv rays can damage you in your car! Research shows that the harmful uv rays on those blistering hot days can indeed cause skin cancer. By simply tinting your windows, you can remover nearly ninety-nine percent of these harmful rays. Makes sense to me!

Better Driving
By tinting your windows you will better your driving because the tinting lowers the dangerous glare from other headlights, the sun, snow and other reflective surfaces and this helps your drive more safely.

Protection From Accidents
If you are in a car accident, tinting will help the 'shattered' glass adhere together better and this in turn will protect you and your passengers from glass injuries.

Helps Protect Interior
Unfortunately harmful rays of sunshine can trigger your upholstery to fade and crack. Tinting your windows will prevent this from happening.

By tinting your windows, you will better protect your privacy. If a potential thief can't see inside your vehicle, they likely aren't going to try to break in and steal something. Now for the flip side, the cons of tinting your vehicle.

Reduce Visibility
Under certain conditions window tinting can reduce visibility and this has the ability to lower your overall road safety.

Cooling Not Necessarily a Benefit
Some argue that the cooling affects that are supposedly a result of window tinting, aren't necessarily true. Many think that the air-conditioning is better at this and should be used to cool the vehicle, not window tinting.

No Evidence For Reduced Crashes
Currently there is no evidence to support the claim that tinting your windows is safer. In other words just because your windows aren't tinted doesn't mean you are likely to get in more or less accidents.

Glare Reduction Minimal
The glare reduction claim with tinted windows is very minimal and is hardly even measurable in the big picture.

Potential Eye Contact
The loss of potential eye contact with regards to the driver with tinted widows and the other drivers is very small and not considered a considerate safety risk.

Issues at Night
The debate between tinted and non-tinted windows is basically for the daytime. As there is no advantage to having your windows tinted at night. It's pretty obvious that it's harder to see through a tinted window and this may in fact increase the driving risks at night.

So you see, there are many pro's and con's for window tinting and it pretty much boils down to a personal preference. If you are going to get your windows tinted, make sure you go to a reputable place.

Do a little research and make sure that the proper methods are used for installing the tinting because if it's not done right it can really be a pain to deal with.