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How to Choose the Right Tires - Vol.68

Are you planning to replace tires of your vehicle? Well, every vehicle owner is well aware about the importance of choosing the right tires for vehicle. Surely, this is an important decision as not you're your enjoyment but also safety of the occupants is associated with it. It is very essential that all four tires of the vehicle are as identical as possible.
When it comes to tires, vehicle owner should not compromise as it is related with handling and safety. Let us have a look at some aspects which should be considered while choosing the perfect tires for your vehicle.

·   Need: First of all you need to decide whether you need to replace just one tire or pair of tires. If your car is involved in collision or damaged due to any other reason and only one tire needs to be changed, then you should seek for one that exactly matches the others. In simple words, you should buy one of same speed rating, size, line and brand. On the other hand, if there is need to replace two tires because of wear and tear or damage, then you should look for a pair, which matches to your existing tires. Identical new tires are always recommended while you can prefer to go for one with the same type and size depending on your budget.

In case of wear and tear, you should find out why the pair of tires has faster wear and tear as compared to other. Consult mechanic for finding out the exact cause like loose mechanical parts, misaligned wheels or a lack of tire rotation. It is very important to discover the root problem otherwise your ultimate goal will not be met and you will need to replace tires in few months again.

In case, you need to replace all four tires, you can have the maximum flexibility in selection of tires. It also shows that your tires are wearing out together. You should find out the tire category types till you get a set of tires which matches your requirements and budget.

·   Size: it can be slightly complex to buy the tire of correct size, if you intend to upgrade size of original equipment set of your vehicle. When you start to look for tires, you should find one that can carry the weight of your car. If not chosen correctly, even new tires of your car will wear and tear fast due to overload. Ensure that you buy one having the load index that is suitable for your car.

If you wish to upgrade in size, then you should find more about Plus Sizing. This system considers the diameters of the available wheels and tires. In this way, it can help you find the correct tire width. This will make sure that your tires have sufficient load capacity.

·   Tire type: next obvious question is which type I should select. Well, you have numerous options including all season tires, winter tires or summer tires. This may depend on where do you leave or typical driving conditions. In addition to this, the frequency of the worst driving condition should be taken into account while choosing the tire type.

If you are going to use the same set of tires for all seasons, then you can get good performance in any conditions. However, this option may be compromise for performance of your vehicle when there are worst conditions. In case, you live in a snowy region, you can go for winter tires.

·   Price: cost is the most important aspect when it comes to buying new ties. Keep in mind that your safety is associated with tires. So, rather than looking at price you should look for perfect match and quality. Cheap tires do not mean to be low quality always. On the other hand, cheap tires may need to be replaced faster than expensive ones.

So, you should go for high quality yet affordable tires that suit your needs.