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How to Get Rid of Car Air Conditioner Odor? - Vol.55

Are the mildew odors in your car spoiling your ride mood? Do you want to get rid from car a/c odors? Well, odors in your vehicle's a/c system can be really unpleasant. Numerous car owners experience the issue of odors in car. After turning on the a/c to get cool and enjoy the comfortable ride, people need to invade their nostrils because of something like body odor.

How to prevent mildew odors from the car's a/c system

To prevent odors in your car system, first of all it is essential to understand the cause of odor. Condensation can be main cause behind the odor. So, to prevent the odor from occurring again is to check that the condensation dries out. AC controls present on the dash board permits open and closed circulation of vents. Many vehicles have a button for this. For vehicles that do not have a button for open/ closed circulation, normal ac is meant for open circulation whereas max ac refers to closed circulation.

When the ac is in normal air or open circulation mode, air from outside is ventilated by means of ac system. In max air or closed circulation mode, the air is circulated inside the car. If you turn off car engine while in max air or closed circulation mode, then the vent doors will stay closed causing the condensation to stagnate.

What to do for drying out the water condensation?

·  Set a/c controls to normal air or open circulation mode, a few minutes prior to turning the car engine off.
·  After turning the car engine off, leave a/c controls in normal air or open circulation mode.
·  To ensure that air compressor does not activate while starting the vehicle, restart the vehicle engine turn air conditioner off.
·  While turning on the a/c, keep it on outside circulation for a few minutes. When you drive your car, try to keep the a/c system on open circulation or normal air mode as much as possible.

Sometimes, it can be beneficial to prevent the outside air from entering the cabin of the car, particularly when there are impurities in the outside air including smog, dust or smoke. Keep in mind that if you do not allow outside air to enter the a/c system, then surely it is going to result into nasty musty odor.

Serving the a/c system as regular car maintenance can help the car a/c system odor from reoccurring. It can be helpful to replace air filter into your car regularly. Never delay or postpone changing filter as it may lead to unpleasant odor because of impurities. Stagnant water, dirt, pollutants and dust mites collect on the air filter making it to clog. So, changing the air filter can help you prevent the odor.

Even using a spray which removes smells and purifies the air can be better option. Numerous auto shops offer a service which will eliminate the foul odor. You can purchase such sprays from local auto shops or online even. It can be always beneficial to seek for professional aid to eliminate odor from car a/c system.

Expert auto technician are well equipped and experienced to handle such issues. They make use of a sonic system, which creates a fog inside of the vehicle. This kills all the bacteria, eliminates odor leaving the fresh and clean air inside the car.

With all above tips, you can definitely say good bye to car a/c odors. So, just follow the tips above and be ready to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant ride of your car with your loved ones now.