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How to Prevent from Overheating? - Vol.54

Planning for a vacation? Want to enjoy holidays with your friend? After a long cold season, everyone is eager to get outdoors and enjoy long drive. Some plan exciting road trips. However, it is essential to remember that only the temperatures outside are not rising but it is rising inside your car engine as well. How to identify and avoid overheating?

Well, many car owners face these kinds of issues. With clear knowledge and little efforts, you can prevent overheating in your vehicle. Sometimes, there are clear indications like steam escaping from beneath the hood. It is essential to understand the signs and get them resolved as soon as possible. However, in majority of cases, there are no clear indications.

Temperature needle of your engine is one of the important aspects. Be keen if it starts to rise as overheating can take place very rapidly. This will definitely help you understand the boil-over.

What to do when your car starts overheating?
Here are some ways that will help you out to deal with the situation.

·   First of all, turn of your car if it possible and safe to do so. If your vehicle is in the middle of a parking lot, then you can turn off the vehicle safely. Seek for the place where your car can rest and cool down. You can put car into neutral. After this, you can push car into right parking space.
·   If your car a/c is running, then turn it off and start the heater. This will cool the engine by taking out excess heat from the engine.
·   Turn the engine off, open up the hood and be ready to wait for at least a half hour. Car engine needs time to cool.
·   It can be better option to locate the service station nearby. Remember, overheating can be an indication of mechanical failure. This may result into serious safety risks.

Like the things to do, there are certain things which you should avoid. Never, open up the radiator cap prior to sufficient cooling of the engine. The coolant within the engine radiator is under pressure and very hot. If you pop the cap, it will release burning fluid.

Tips to prevent overheating

·   Proper and regular car maintenance is essential to keep your car running efficiently and smoothly. A burst hose, leak, thermostat malfunction, water pump or electrical failure, or thermostat malfunction are some of the reasons leading to overheating. Expert technicians can generally spot such things at the time of scheduled auto maintenance.
·   Maintain the appropriate levels of antifreeze and coolant that are essential to prevent your vehicle from overheating.

When your car overheats, get comfortable and do not drive your car for at least 45 minutes. Remember, overheated vehicle can cause inconvenience. Consequently, it is going to hit hard on your pocket in the long run by causing accelerated wear and tear on hoses, head gasket, engine, pumps and radiators.

By following above mentioned points and keeping few things in mind, you can surely understand what your car is trying to say you. Be keen towards the signs. Understand it properly. Seek an expert aid, if you are not able to recognize the signs. Thus will help you keep it running effectively.

So, when next time, the temperature gauge on your vehicle creeps up towards the H, be patient and remember all the points stated above. Execute all above mentioned steps. This can definitely help you prevent a car boil-over. So, be prepared to enjoy hot ride and nice vacation with your cool and efficiently running car. Happy journey!