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Tire Time? Is It Time For New Tires? - Vol.47

If you are a car owner, you must be aware of frustrating roadside scenarios because of warn out or flat tires. Can we avoid this situation? Definitely, flat tire is not a major complication and with a little care, you can avoid breaking down in the middle of nowhere simply due to flat tires. You can avoid the flat tires by replacing it at right time.

How to know when it's time to replace your tires? To begin with, you should be alert about the signs that they are running low on tread. If the thread wears down, you can notice the difference while driving vehicle. A bit of wobbling or pulling can be experienced that was not formerly there. Further, on the slick or wet roads, you can notice that your tires spin and try to get traction. Sometimes, car skids before stopping at actual spot when you try to stop it. All these are signs indications for tire replacement.

Is it time for new tires? Checkpoints:

1. Sufficient tire tread depth is crucial aspect. It is actually a legal requirement. If your tread depth is at certain level or any less, then its tire time and you should replace your tires.

2. Remember, there is no need of a measuring tape for testing the tread. Simply by having at the tread pattern, you can recognize the signs. If you see the tread has worn down to the level of any of the bars running across the tires, then you should immediately change your tires.

3. Always check different parts of the tire because they generally wear down in various areas.

4. Another important sign is the tire performance. If you notice that your vehicle is not handling well in wet or is taking longer to break, then it is always beneficial to change the tires.

5. If you are not sure, then getting your car serviced by an expert on a regular basis is a right option. It also guarantees you a proficient opinion.

In general, the end of a tire's life can be due to normal wear and tear. However, there are some other factors like under or over inflation and emergency or sudden which may contribute for the need to replace the tires. In majority of cases, front tires will wear out fast as compared to the back tires. By rotating the front tires to the rear, you can extend their life span.

If it's time to replace the tires, then you can go for new tires. Another option is of second-hand tires and retreads. In general it is advised not to go for second-hand tires as their lifespan and history are not known. You can go for retreads. It is an alternative to replacing a whole tire. This is less expensive option than buying new tires. For intact tire bases, this is feasible option. It is essential to keep in mind that retreads cannot cope at high speeds. When put under pressure, they also have tendencies to separate from the tire. All in all going for new tires is the best option to ensure the security. It may hit hard to your pocket, but safety is the most important, while on the road.

You can purchase the tires at local store or through online store. Select the type of tires as per your vehicle type, need and budget. When it comes to a set of tires, you can get a huge price range. Keep in mind that a good set of tires is a good investment for you and your vehicle. By spending extra money you can get a better set of tires which will last longer. You can enjoy more comfortable ride.

Hope all these points will help you check whether it's tire time? Do not overlook the signs and get the new tires without wasting your time!