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What Could Damage Your Car Engine? - Vol.117

Given below are some mistakes that people normally make which impact the car engine very negatively and can cause permanent damages:

Neglecting the Signals
Not paying attention to signals is what really damages your car engine. Your car is equipped with special warning bulbs to assist you to understand what is really going on inside the engine. You must pay attention to these tiny lights. They give a message every time they blink, not blink or remain constant.

Almost, every car has these small engine warning signs that often tell you about a problem looming up on the horizon before it actually appears. Unfortunately, people do not really pay much attention to these signs and find them to be irritating because there is not always something visible to understand what might be causing the warning bulbs to illuminate.

Not Getting Acquainted
The reason your car comes with a manual is because it needs help. You are not a mechanic; hence, you cannot have all the knowledge about your car. The manual is there to guide you about things. At times, people pay no heed to the manuals and throw them into the trash, believing them to be of no use. This is the first step towards damaging the car engine, as these manuals are filled with great information that one can use to save the car engine. Small problems can easily be solved as these manuals explain everything in details and in simple language. Not giving the manual the chance to guide you is a big mistake.

Not Going for Service
Your car needs service after every few months. It is important to get it serviced, even if there are no visible signs of wear and tear. The engine is not visible to the eyes and one cannot really see what's going on inside it. It does not always give signals and at times starts deteriorating deep inside. It is important to take your car to a mechanic every few months to get it inspected for any potential dangers. It is better to prepare for damages in advance and to stop them before they occur, rather than to wait for them to happen.

Poor Quality Parts
The presence of counterfeit parts in the market is a big concern for everyone. People buy these parts because they come cheap; however, they do not realize the costs associated with them in the long-run. Counterfeit products have very negative effects on the engine. They are not specifically made for the car - often they don't even fit well - which means trouble for the engine. They are also unreliable and can easily get damaged or rusted, which is a big problem as it impacts the engine's performance in a huge way.

Engine Abuse
There is a reason why they create specific cars for racing. Not every car is made for the race tracks. People, at times, forget this fact and put more pressure on their cars than they can bear. This weakens the engine and impacts the overall performance of the car. Every engine has some limits, above which it cannot perform.

Bad Upgrades
Self upgrading your car is a new concept that is fast catching up. People themselves upgrade their cars believing it can magically turn the car into a supercar. This backfires at times due to the lack of knowledge and mistakes in installing or selecting the parts. A small mistake can lead to really big permanent problems. No upgrades to the engine should be made until one has complete knowledge about the car and the impact that the upgrade can have on it.

No Attention to Fluids
Your car needs fluids including coolants and oils. Without proper supply of these fluids, your car's performance will gradually fall. If there are no coolants, the engine will heat-up, which is a very bad thing for the car's performance. Lack of engine oil is another mistake that can cause severe damages to the car engine. These points should be kept in mind at all times to keep the car engine in good condition.