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Smart Ways to Clear a Foggy Windshield - Vol.116

Foggy windshields are not only irritating, but also very dangerous. It's risky to drive with a foggy windshield, as it adversely impacts your vision and increases the risk of accidents. To solve the problem, it is first important to know the origin. Foggy windshields are caused by moisture (water vapor) condensing on the inner or outer surface of the windshield.

Foggy windshields, a big problem, are actually quite easy to do away with. Given below are the smart ways to clear a foggy windshield.

·  Spray or pour a small amount of glass polish onto a piece of cloth, or sponge, if available. Do not use a lot of polish, as it is not really required. About a quarter-size squirt will do the job.

·  Divide the windshield into sections before working on it, as it will make it easier for you.

·  Now, slowly rub the sponge or the cloth on one section of the glass properly. Do not get aggressive as the windshield is prone to scratches and a wrong move can leave a mark on it. Spread the polish slowly in thin layers.

·  There is another very simple method of doing the same thing. Put the glass polish on one section of the windshield and work in small circles on it. Spread the polish slowly in thin layers. Do not press too hard as it might backfire and leave scratches on the windshield.

·  Once spread properly, you will have to rub the polish away with a neat cloth or another sponge. Again, do this slowly and in one direction.

·  Once you are done with one section, move on to the other section and repeat the same procedure as explained above.

·  Once you are done with both the sections, you will notice a change in the windshield. However, it is not done yet. Use glass cleaner and spray it on the windshield properly. Again, properly wipe the cleaner away with a sponge or a clean cloth. A quick, circular motion is recommended.

·  Only use a clean microfiber cloth to apply the solution on the windshield. Newspaper, towels or other clothes can damage the windshield and leave scratches on the glass.

·  To clean the solution from the glass, use a clean microfiber cloth and avoid the things mentioned above.

·  Remember, not to use the same cloth or sponge again and again. You can take a piece of cloth and cut it into three or four pieces (depending on how you are planning to use it), as using the same piece of cloth over and over will negatively impact the result.

·  Use a spray auto glass cleaner as ammonia or regular glass cleaners can damage the seal around the windshield. Spray auto glass cleaner is good in this regard as it possesses no risk to the windshield or plastic dash.

·  Lastly, do not use too much of any solution as it will cause trouble. Such solutions can get difficult to clean properly.

·  Use the same motion, preferably circular, when applying or wiping solutions on the windshield. Changing the motion will unfavorably impact the results.

If you don't want to bear the trouble of doing the stuff mentioned above, you can use the classic method of using your car air conditioner to control the moisture. Turning the AC on or heating up does the trick for many people.

This works from inside and you have to bear no trouble of cleaning things. The unit will do its job and you will have a clear windshield. However, if the windshield is foggy from outside, you'll have to get up and clear it yourself.