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Taking out Insurance on Your Vehicle - Vol.11

Insurance has started to play a very important role in our lives. Due to the uncertainties that we live in today, we all require some form of insurance. One of the most common types of insurance that we are required to have by law in most countries is vehicle insurance. Many have argued that vehicle insurance is simply a waste of money; however this is not the case. Certain insurances are seen as being "pointless" however some are known to have numerous advantages. We are going to take a look at the main advantages that one would obtain by opting to buy vehicle insurance.

Protection against damage

Vehicle repairs in today's age is quite expensive. Seeing as we are faced with hard economical times, the last thing that you would want is to have to repair your vehicle with money that goes directly from your pocket. A recent survey showed that an average car repair after an accident costs between $1000 and $2000. The great thing about having vehicle insurance is that you will not be required to any extra amounts other than the monthly premiums. All the costs that are required for your vehicle to be repaired fully to the condition it was will be taken care of by the insurance company.

Protection against theft

Another great advantage of having vehicle insurance is that it protects you against theft. In the situation where your vehicle has been stolen, the insurance company will do the necessary to locate your vehicle back. In the case where the vehicle has been located and is found to be damaged, the vehicle will be fixed before being returned. There are cases where a vehicle is not located after being stolen or is severely damaged that restoring it would not be feasible. In such a case, the insurance company will simply give you a pay out of the market value of the car.

Courtesy Car

One of the biggest problems that one ends up facing after an accident is the wait before they get their car back. In most cases it can take a minimum period of up to two months. Trying to hire out a car can be quite expensive. This is the where the benefits of having insurance comes into play. Most insurance plans will provide you with a courtesy car in the case where your vehicle is being repaired or missing. Having this facility not only makes life a lot easier but also saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Break down cover

There are possible times where you could be driving a car and unexpectedly encounter a problem. In such circumstances trying to get a tow car to help shift your vehicle to a garage can cost you a fortune. Another great benefit of having vehicle insurance is that you will be provided with break down cover. This is a 24 hour service across the entire country. If you end up having car troubles, you can always contact your break down service free of cost to come and sort your problem. Most break down issues can be resolved within a matter of minutes on the road side. Having such a facility to avail will ensure that you save time and money.


Tracking is a service that most people end up paying separately on a monthly or yearly basis. There are some insurance providers that include a tracking service in their insurance plans as a standard benefit. This is a great benefit in case your vehicle has been stolen. A tracking service allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle through a computer navigation system.