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Putting together kids and cars survival pack - Vol.16

Kids and cars many times do not always go together when it comes to time for travel. There is a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when dealing with this topic. No matter if you are going across the country or across the city, there are certain things that you need to make sure are part of your child survival kit when it comes to traveling. Kids are easily bored with the things that are going on around them, they have a very short attention span, and it is almost like a right of passage that they will ask "are we there yet?" When this happens, you will want and need to be prepared for this with a kit that is designed with your kid in mind.

Make sure that you get a carry all for the various things that you need for your survival kit. Many times the best thing that you can use to hold all the items, is a garden organizer from your local hardware store. These are wonderful in the fact that they can be organized and allow you to keep everything in it's appropriately space. Things like games, coloring books, and various other activities are excellent to keep in this organizer for your long trips.

Another fact of life is the fact that hunger will find your child while traveling for a long period. This is where the carry all comes in handy. You can store snacks in the carry all such as raisins and sesame sticks along with juice boxes. When your child gets hungry, you can simply pull over to the side of the road and simply get your child a snack. This will also help in the fact that you can control when your child eats, the reason for this is if there is not a rest stop for a long while, then you can wait till you are a little closer before giving them something to drink.

Kids will always disagree on the temperature in the car, there will be those that say they are hot, while the other will say they are cold. This problem could be resolved very easily. The way that this is resolved, is simply by making sure to pack a blanket. This eliminates the problem. You can simply open the window for one child, while the other child has a blanket to stay warm with. In addition you will want to make sure that you pack plenty of pillows. This will allow a child to sleep a lot more comfortable while on a trip. This comfort will allow them to sleep longer and prevent them from being bored easily.

Make sure that you consider installing a DVD player in the car. This may sound like a needless expense, but consider your child when they are at home. They are glued to the television while watching their favorite shows. Many of these shows are now available on DVD, this just makes good sense that they will want to watch their shows or movies wile going on a trip. Installing a DVD player is a good idea that will go a long way in keeping your kids occupied while on a long trip.

These simple tips are sure to help provide your child with activities that they can do while traveling. Many times these solutions cost only a few dollars from a local store. The only real expense that you will have to put out is with the DVD player. Installing these are many times very easy and the place that you purchase from being able to do the installing for you.