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Driving tips for upcoming summer - Vol.14

Summer will soon be upon us and it will be time for that summer road trip. Whether it is just a trip across town or cross country, there are a few things you should keep in mind.
Before you go anywhere, summer, winter spring or fall, check your tires for proper inflation and tire damage. That includes your spare tire. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and find your spare tire is also flat. If you will be venturing out on a long trip, consider outfitting your car with new tires, if your current tires have some miles on them.

Make sure the belts and hoses are free from cracks, splits or worn spots and the fluids are filled to the proper levels. Check the temperature range of the radiator coolant and be sure it is still good for hot weather. If the integrity of the coolant is less than optimal, your car runs the risk of overheating and it will probably happen at the most inopportune time.

Consider oil and filter change before embarking on a lengthy car trip. At the very least, check the oil level in your car and add some if necessary. Check out your owner's manual to see if you should be using a different weight of oil for summer travel or pulling a trailer.

A proper working air conditioning system could be the difference between a pleasant or unpleasant trip. Have the air conditioning checked and serviced if necessary by a qualified technician. Driving in summer traffic can make one hot under the collar but if your air conditioning is working you may be able to keep your cool.

Summer time means more folks are out and about. People are out biking, walking, running, exercising their pets, Etc. Sometimes, being out in the good weather and having fun makes some people forget to watch for traffic or look before they cross the street. This is especially true if kids are waiting at the ice cream truck for their daily dose of frozen sugar. If you are driving by a park or anyplace a group of kids maybe playing, remember a ball bouncing out into the street is usually followed by a kid who didn't look before running into the street. Watch out for the pedestrians on your travels.

With longer hours of daylight, it is easy to spend some extra time on the road. Longer periods of time behind the wheel will result in slower reaction time, exhaustion and lack of concentration. The end result could be an accident and that would put a damper on anyone's vacation. Be sure to take frequent breaks and if you do find yourself getting tired, stop for the day. After a good night's sleep you will be refreshed and ready to begin again the next day.

Drive within the speed limit. Yes, you want to get to your destination as soon as possible but getting stopped for speeding, just might cause you to take longer to get where you are going. And you may end up spending some of your vacation cash on a traffic ticket.