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Refreshing Vehicles Makes Your Car Last - Vol.9

There are many ways through which you can make your car last for a longer time. Seeing as we are now faced with tough economical times, many of us no longer have the luxury to be able to change cars every year. As a result, we all need to look at possible ways by which we can make our vehicles last for a longer time. A recent research showed that if we made a few small changes in the way we drive and take care of our vehicle, we all will be able to make it last for another ten years at least. Even though brand new cars are being released into the market on a yearly basis, cars are no longer built in the ways that they were use to. Trying to preserve an old car to last longer would be your better option.

What can you do?
There are two elements that relate to how you can make your car last longer. One is in relation to how you drive and the second is in relation to maintenance. We are first going to take a look at the element which involves how a persons drives.

How one drives is one of the major factors that decides on how long a person's car will last for. Being influenced by racing movies, we all tend to believe that we are a racer ourselves and treat our ordinary cars like racing cars. What you have to realize about movie racing cars is that they have been specially designed to take the "heat" that they have to undergo. Even after driving some of those cars, it is required to have certain parts changed. The cars that we buy in the market have not been designed for racing or any thing associated with fast driving such as drifting. Trying to use gear shifting and hand brake pulling to make your car go faster will only shorten the lifespan of your car.

When driving a car you should make sure that you drive it normally. Don't rev the engine too much before changing gears. Make sure you change gears when you are supposed to. Only use the hand brake when the car has been safely parked and not for skidding. Just doing these little things can make a huge difference to the life span of your car.

We are now going to take a look at the maintenance aspect in relation to a vehicle and how it can increase the life span of your car.

Simply knowing how to drive your car properly is not enough to ensure that your car lasts for a long period of time. You need to make sure that you maintain your vehicle in every way possible. Make sure that you change the oil filter, air filter and engine oil from time to time. Seeing as the engine of the car is the main source that drives the vehicle, making sure that you keep the engine "healthy and strong" should be your first priority. Just doing these little things will make a huge difference to how long you can drive your vehicle for.

Other ways through which you can maintain your car is by washing it regularly and keeping it clean. Don't use cheap washing liquids for your car body paint. Invest a bit of money in car body spray's and polish equipment to ensure that you are able to maintain the quality of the cars paint job. All of these things will in effect increase the lifespan of your vehicle by a good number of years.