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5 Warning Signs from Your Vehicle - Vol.8

5 warning sings from your vehicle

Simply knowing how to drive a vehicle is no longer enough. It is important that you are able to know the basic signs in case your vehicle is facing any trouble. The thing about cars is that if you are not able to pick up on early warning signs quite early on, they can turn into more severe and costly problems later on in the future. There are a number of warning signs that a vehicle can give you, however we are going to take a look at the five most important ones.

Warning 1
One of the most common warnings that a person can experience while driving a car is the "engine oil" light activates. This is the red light that usually comes on in the dashboard region in the shape of an oil can. This light always comes on when you turn the key ignition half way. This light should disappear when you start the car, however if the light comes on while driving you are advised to stop driving. That particular light indicates that the oil in your engine is very low. If you continue to drive the vehicle when it is low on engine oil, it could seize your engine. The repair costs for this would be quite expensive.

Warning 2
Another warning that your vehicle could give will be the "ABS" light warning signal. This is in relation to you anti braking system. An ABS system is only found in most of the new cars. This light usually comes on where there is an electrical fault or something is wrong with your braking system. If you happen to come across such a light in your dash board region, it is advised that you get it checked out by a mechanic immediately.

Warning 3
This particular warning sign can usually throw many people off guard; however it is not something to worry about. This is a particular light that comes on in the dashboard area in the shape of a tap/exhaust. This light usually only comes on when the engine is cold. Seeing that the winter months can get quite cold in most countries, this light usually goes off once and when you have warmed up your vehicle.

Warning 4
This warning is not in relation to a particular light, it is more to do with the steering wheel of the car. If you do not hold your steering wheel straight, your vehicle should still move in a straight line. There are times where your vehicle may pull to either the right or left side. In this case your car is out of alignment. It is advised that you get this sorted out as soon as possible. Not having your alignment straight can put a lot of strain on your vehicle's engine and, as a result can, reduce car performance. With advancements in technology, you can now get your vehicles wheel alignment done in a matter of fifteen minutes from most garages.

Warning 5
This is another warning that is not indicated by a light on the dashboard. It is related to the braking system of the car. There may be times when you brake the car and you may hear a skidding noise or something grinding. If this is the case you can have a possibility of two problems; the first being that your brake fluid is quite low, the second is worn out brake pads. Car braking systems require a lubricant to ensure that the braking happens smoothly. If this is the case, all you are required to do is top up your brake fluid and that can be done by simply lifting the car bonnet. If the problem still remains persistent, you may be required to change the brake pads of the car.