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Save Running Cost after Purchase Your Car - Vol.106

The best way to save on a car is to buy wisely after complete research and comparison. Yet, the story just doesn't end here. Keeping a one will cost you some money. It needs fuel, it needs cleaning and it needs regular maintenance. This is usually termed as the running cost of your car.
These constant demands from your car can sometimes get really annoying. Unless you are willing to go to work on a bicycle, you don't really have a choice here. Considering the prices of cars and amount of taxes, a constant running cost really sounds unfair. While it is not advisable to try on saving money on taxes, there surely is a way to save running cost on your car.

If you want your car to keep running like a faithful steed, you cannot cut on its maintenance needs and requirement. However, it is quite possible to cut down the running cost of your vehicle by learning a few smart tips. Let's find out how.

Know Your Car
It really pays to know your car. You should try to gather some basic knowledge and information regarding your car and engine. Most importantly, you must be able to identify any general technical issues. In this regard, understanding the reason behind different types of car noises can be very helpful.

So, what exactly is our point here? Haven't you ever left your mechanic's shop wondering if you have over-paid for things that didn't need to be repaired or changed? Yes, it happens to all of us. If only you weren't looking like a complete noob when explaining them about those strange noises you hear.

Save With DIYs
Not all mechanics would cheat on you, but why pay anyone for things you can do yourself. When it comes to maintenance, you can do most of it in your own garage. For instance, you change your engine oil and fluids, you can replace the battery, and you can check the tire pressure and change filters. Don't you spend a couple of hundred dollars on these tasks last month?

Well, these may seem like small errands, skipping them can be injurious for your car's engine and performance. So, the most profitable way is to learn it and do it yourself.

Change Your Habits
Changing your driving habits can help you save in two ways. Firstly, it greatly affects the fuel-efficiency and mileage of your car. Secondly, it improves the performance and life-span of your engine and other parts of your. A few things you can do include avoiding needless acceleration and reckless speeding. At higher speed, your car will consume more fuel.

Avoid idling the engine and refrain for allowing your engine to rev up too much before changing the gear. Also, limit the use of air-conditioner when not required and keep your tires and brakes in perfectly maintained conditions.

Plan Your Trips
It's a simple plan, drive less and save more. Three mile long trips can consume more fuel than a one three miles trip. When you start and stop your engine before it is properly heated up, it can seriously damage your engine. So, it's better to run all your weekly errands on Sundays rather than driving for a few miles every day.

Compare and Cut Cost
Finally, it is always best to compare a best option to cut out the best deal. Whether you need new engine oil or new headlights, there is always an offer better than other. Make sure you don't miss on that opportunity to save money. so, just feel free to ask them for their best price and discounts.