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Maintenance Tips for First Time Car Owners - Vol.105

Buying your first car can be overwhelming but with new cars comes new responsibilities. If you are buying a brand new car, it is true that you will get to enjoy the best car can offer. With a new car you can wave past your mechanics shop without any need to stop by. Yet, how long you can stretch on that period depends on the way you take care of your car.

Similarly, if you are buying a used car, which is a better option for first time owner, it will require equal amount of care. Now, taking care of car is a complex term. It does not only mean regular cleaning and oil change. It also includes drive habits that are safer and healthier for your car. New or used, proper care will prevent frequent issues and problems related to cars.

Today, we share some useful and easy maintenance tip which can help first time owners keep their vehicles running smoothly and perfectly.

Take Care of the Papers
First thing you need to maintain is your vehicles compatibility with your state's law. Make sure you have all the paper work done and approved according to the statuary requirements. If you are buying a used car, it is important to get the papers transferred to your name. Get the vehicle registered in your own state and city.

Make sure you keep the paperwork updated and renewed as required. This will help you enjoy the ride without worrying about tickets and other legal issues.

Ensure Regular Oil Change
The first thing you should check in your newly bought used car must the fluids. Technically, oil and fluid must be changed within the period recommended by the manufacturer i.e. 3000 to 7000 miles for most vehicles. However, you should regularly maintain the level of oil inside the engine. Use the dipstick to find if the level is below the lower level.

For used car, if the oil seems too sticky or sludgy, it is better to change it before getting behind the wheel. Clean and proper oil gives your car a better mileage and relives the engine of extra burden and stress.

Take Care of Tires
Without tires, your car is like a heap of metal junk. Without proper tires, it is like a heap of metal junk on tires. So, basically maintaining the tires is very important. Check for the treads. If they seem too worn out, it is safer to replace the tires before taking your car to the roads. In order to get better fuel-economy and handling, keep a constant check on the tire pressure and wheel alignment.

Also, properly inflated tires tend to keep a lot of troubles away from the engine of your car.

Protect Your Battery
Like any other battery, your car's battery won't last forever. However, proper care from the day one can actually enhance its life and performance. Always keep the cables and terminals of your car's battery clean. You can do it yourself by disconnecting the cables and cleaning them with a wire brush. If the dirt is too stubborn to scrub off with a brush, use a mixture of baking soda and water to help scrape it off.

Drive Wisely
Don't get too excited or overwhelmed behind the wheel. Driving habits are one of the greatest contributors to your car's life and performance. Make sure you don't accelerate too much or allow the engine to rev up excessively between the initial gears. Avoid destructive habits such as too many short trips and idling the engine.

Finally, improve your car's life and mileage by avoiding unnecessary use of air-conditioner and other electronic gizmos in your car.