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What Does Shorten the Life of Your Car? - Vol.103

Your car's life expectancy is a funny thing. There are a couple of hilarious myths surrounding the topic. People will warn you against turbos, body kits, remapping and more cool stuff you want to try out on your car. The truth is you don't really need to spend a hefty sum of money to shorten the life of your car. It is all possible with little frugal habits we think will save us fortunes.

It's true! Many a times, we just overlook a few important things just because we are trying to save time or money. In case of automobiles, such habits can actually rob you of precious years that you could enjoy with your trusty ride. This they achieve by shortening the life of your vehicle. If you really love your car like a partner for life, you must know and avoid the following habits.

Dragging your Car on Low Fuel
If you are trying to go green, draining the last drop of fuel out of the tank before refueling is simply not the right way to do it. Many people think, they are saving fuel and money this way but actually they are badly hurting their own car. It's like allowing yourself the next meal only after you faint from hunger.

When the fuel inside the tank is lower than a certain level, there is a greater chance of dust and debris accumulation. This can clog the fuel injector and corrode the engine valves. So, if you really want your car to starve to death, this is one torturous way to do it.

Forgetting the Fluids
Fluids are the life blood of your car. By fluid, we don't just mean the engine oil. It includes coolants, anti freeze, transmission fluids and brake fluids as well. Fluids require regular inspection and maintenance. Most of these fluids must be changed once a year. However, maintaining the level of fluid present in the car is also very important.

Since these liquids protect against over-heating, corrosions and wear and tear, degraded quality or quantity will result in severe internal damage. As a result, your car will be deprived of a couple of useful years.

Retired Tires
Tires are one of the most abused parts of a car. They have to endure rough terrains, dirt, mud and what not. The rubber degrades with time and its efficiency is greatly decreases. You need to keep a check on tire's pressure and treads. When you refrain from changing your car's tire for a long time, the tires transfer a good percentage of their stress and strain on the car and the engine.

As a result, not only is your mileage compromised, the efficiency and expectancy of the engine is also hindered. Underinflated or worn-out tires will definitely steal years from your car's life.

Short Trips and Aggressive Starts
Car engines depend greatly on the temperature inside and outside the car. They run best when they heat up to a certain extent. When you drive while the engine has not properly warmed up, it can be a little harsh on your engine. Due to cold starts, it takes longer to evaporate all the condensation out of the system. If the engine stops before this happens, excessive moisture will accumulate in your car's muffler. That is why it is always advisable to avoid driving your car for every short trip round the block.

Similarly, when you start pumping the pedal hard from the very start, it puts excessive strain on the cold engine. Always ease up on the gas before your engine reaches the right temperature. Otherwise, the up shift will damage the engine as well as the transmissions. Once again, the result is a shorter life span for your car.