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Driving Assist Technology "EyeSight" from Subaru - Vol.101

Back in the 80s, when we were all young and gullible, Hollywood sci-fi flicks such as the Knight Rider and the James Bond franchise passed on the dream of cars smarter than their drivers. Lucky for us, the automobile industry is among a few of those worlds where Hollywood stories do come true. Thanks to their dedicated commitment to technological research and experimentation.
However, a decade ago, Hollywood dreams were realized only by high-end luxury brands such and BMW, Mercedes and Aston Martin – and livable only by the likes of Mr. Bond. As a new decade of the new millennium unfolds, more mainstream brands are jumping in to make technology available and affordable for everyone out there. Leading this list is Subaru with its amazing "EyeSight".

What is "EyeSight"?
"EyeSight" Driver Assistance System is what you would be able to opt for your new Legacy or Outback in 2013. With the help of two charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras, "EyeSight" will allow the driver to stay more alert and aware on the road. It is a break from the usual radar-based driver assist systems.

The cameras are mounted on different locations in order to take different types of images at the same time. This greatly enhances the detection angle as compared to the radar based system. While this is not something unheard of, it is definitely something most of us never thought we could afford living in the US.

Unlike most commonly found driver assists, "EyeSight" will do more than just alarming beeps and buzzers. In desperate situations, it will be able to take control in order to bring your car to a complete stop without your consent. Let"s find out a little more detail about these features.

Cruise controls and Warnings
You know what"s really frustrating for a driver? Worrying about their own car as well as the other cars on the lane. "EyeSight" relives the drivers of the latter with its adaptive cruise control. It will help you maintain a suitable distance from the car in front while matching the speed of your car with that car. The speed can automatically increase or decrease between 0 to 87 mph. The lane departure warning, a common option for high-end cars these days, will alert the driver if the car starts wandering out of the lane for some reason.

Pre-Collision Detection
"EyeSight" can as well detect obstacles in front of the car. If the driver does not apply the brakes at the right moment, the system will take charge and do the honors. Depending on the speed, the system can either bring the vehicle to a full stop or apply brakes in order to mitigate the damage due to higher speed. Since outback and Legacy are both favorable off-roaders, the pre-collision delectation system can be turned off if desired during off-road trips.

Pedestrian or Obstacle Detection
Pedestrian, a vehicle, a bicycle or a motorcycle, "EyeSight" can detect and recognize a number of common obstacles around the road. This pre-programmed feature helps the system to respond in a more-smarter way according to the specific situation. Other benefits of the "EyeSight" include the parking assistance system, which also alerts the driver if the car is shifted into "Drive" instead of "Reverse" during backing out.

While "EyeSight" may not give your car a brain of its own it will definitely give you an extra pair of eyes to help you drive safely on those dull dizzy days. As Subaru brings the technology to the mainstream, we can rest assured that other manufacturers will definitely follow suit.