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The Basics of Auto Maintenance - Vol.5

Many individuals that drive cars nowadays have no idea about the basics of auto maintenance. As soon as they get their drivers licenses, they are found behind the wheel. Many experts have stated that driving agencies should include a new section of basic auto maintenance as it is something that every qualified driver should be well aware of. This article has stated all the basics that any qualified driver should be well aware of. So the next time you find yourself having car troubles, you know exactly what to do.

The Basics of Auto Maintenance

You may have found yourself having car troubles on cold mornings and rainy days with the car not starting but are never sure what causes the problems. There are a few basic maintenance procedures that one must undergo on every car regularly to ensure that it is trouble free. All the maintenance procedures that you need to know about are known to be found under the bonnet of the car. We will first take a look at the engine of the car and how that is required to be maintained.

The Basics of Auto Maintenance

The engine is known to be the main source that drives the car. Without an engine, your car would not be able to function at all. Depending on the size of your engine, you would be required to regularly change the car's engine oil. The engine oil of a car is a special designed liquid that helps simulate the function of the engine. It is very important that you regularly check your car's engine oil to see whether or not it needs changing. There will be a nozzle stick that dips into the engine that you can easily pull out. What you have to do is simply check where the oil level is and see whether or not it is dirtier than usual. It is recommended that once your car has been driven for roughly around three thousand miles that you get your engine oil changed.

It is also important that you regularly check the water level for your car wipers. If you are living in a cold country where temperatures are known to drop quite drastically, it is recommended that you mix your water solution both in the radiator and wiper bottle with anti-freeze. This will help ensure that the water does not freeze when the temperature becomes too cold.

Other basic maintenance in relation to your car includes making sure that your car tires have the correct tire pressure. The tire pressure is usually pre-set depending on the size of your tire and the alloy of the rim that you are using. Most cars have a sticker on the driver's door that states that air pressure of all the four tires. It is important that you check your car's air pressure on a two-week basis to ensure that your vehicle remains healthy. Driving a car with the incorrect tire pressure can damage the car steering tracking system along with the suspension of the vehicle.

The Basics of Auto Maintenance