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How Virus Buster stops corona virus - Vol.450

How Virus Buster Stops corona Virus

You know that feeling when you get a second hand car with cigarette smells or a strange smell it cannot be removed doesn’t matter what you do. At the beginning virus buster was a services by Picknbuy24 create to tale this type of situation as some of our clients as experiencing this situations as many of you know bad smell are created by bacteria’s by products so our team has developed a product that no only attack the base if the bacteria’s and they by-products but they also create a special formula called AT254-V (Titania compound) that reduced the attach of need bacteria to surfaces.

How is the process perform

Virus buster process start as with a alkaline solution that is first its applied to clean all the surfaces of the vehicle including but not limited to seats, console , air con vents , foot wells and air con compressors . After that AT254-V (Titania compound) is apply all over the vehicle this compound reduce the virus and bacteria ability to attach to surfaces the vehicle.

This year he have taken our Titania compound (AT254-V) one step further and we were able to put it against to the nasty corona virus. How do we do it you might ask?

We have team up with Nara University to test how corona virus attached to cells with or without the use of our compound and we are glad to tell you that it has reduce the possibilities of this virus to attach to sources for more than 99.8% for more detail info check out our study on our site news !

Why this is important for you and how this affect you?

Well as a celebration of the effect of our product over the corona virus and as a gesture to help everyone to get a safer car we are going to offer free virus buster for our first 50 client the months of April to May so ask your dealer if you are allegeable for this amazing promotion.

Also, to all our gold and silver member virus busters are free all year around so get your membership and get your clients protected as well.

Moreover, we have associate with many companies around Japan so even you didn’t buy the car from us we might can offer this amazing to your vehicle from other companies ask us and we would confirms the availability for you.