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7 Fun Facts About Car You Probably Didn't Know - Vol.230

Cars are certainly fantastic when it comes to transportation. They are a lot faster than walking everywhere you go, and can be cheaper than something like a train or plane in spread out countries like Australia or the United States. But despite their general convenience, there's a lot more to cars than meets the eye.

Fact #1: Toyota Produces The Most Number of Cars Per Day
If you think you're having a productive day just because you woke up early this morning think again. Everyday, Toyota produces about 13,000 new vehicles that will be shipped and transported around the world for purchase; however, that number is miniscule compared to the fact that every year there are also about 60 million vehicles produced in total.

Fact #2: There Are Over 1 Billion Cars Currently On The Road Today
Wondering where all those vehicles are headed? Well, about 1 billion cars are currently on the road. That includes cars that are in active service and are being used regularly to get back and forth. That astonishing number does not include the vehicles that have long since been scrapped.

Fact #3: You Can Tell Which Side The Fuel Door Is On By Looking At The Gauge
Ever had that problem where you're driving around in a friend's car or a rental and it's time to fill up with gas? If the car was designed in the last several years, most automakers have included a triangle on the little gas gauge to tell you which side the car it's on. Just look for a small triangle pointing in one direction on the left or right side of the depicted fuel pump.

Fact #4: The First Speeding Ticket Was Issued In 1904
In 1904, the highest speed that most vehicles were able to go was about 45 mph. That is about the same speed that most vehicles travel when driving through city road. Over in Dayton, Ohio USA, daredevil Harry Myers was the recipient of the first ever speeding ticket by traveling at speeds of up to 12 miles per hour through the middle of town.

Fact #5: Lamborghini Start Out Making Tractors
Lamborghini didn't always used to make the luxurious and expensive sports cars that they do today. Ferruccio Lamborghini, a native of Italy started out in the tractor business when he initially retired from the Italian military; he built these tractors using the spare parts from vehicles left over from the war. After becoming insatiably rich from his initial pursuits, he turned his attention to an hobby of his?sports cars. That hobby and love of collecting fast cars turned Lamborghini into the company it is today.

Fact #6: Stock Cars Were Designed To Transport Alcohol
Stock cars are renowned for their speed and maneuverability, but few know that that love of speed played an important role in history. During prohibition, stock cars were designed to be fast so that smugglers would be able to transfer liquor back and forth without being caught by the police. If police did see them, the smugglers could easily outrun the old police cars without much problem.

Fact #7:Honking While Stationary In The UK Comes With A Fine
There is actually a law in place in the United Kingdom that prohibits honking while stationary. Anyone who forgets, or neglects, to follow this law is facing a fine of up to ??30. That means that whenever you visit a city like London, you won't have to listen to the incessant honking like you would in a place like New York.