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Doing These Will Screw Up Your Car - Vol.231

Some people don't really realize that they have poor driving habits until they end up at the mechanic shop with a bill in front of them. Certain bad driving habits can really screw up a car and cost the vehicle owner a lot of money in transmission replacements and auto repairs that could have otherwise been avoided. Save yourself from these costly mistakes by watching out for these serious driving mistakes.

Speeding From Light To Light
When you slam on the gas from a standstill, you'll notice the RPM meter on your dashboard jolt upward into the red. This is your engine telling you to slow down because it can't handle the amount of torque that you're asking it to produce without switching into the next gear. This process also produces a lot of heat on the transmission because it's trying to catch up. This intense heat when repeated over and over will eventually cause your transmission to go out; if that does happen, expect to pay a few thousand dollars to replace the transmission in the vehicle.

Slamming On The Brakes
Slamming on your brakes will cause the rubber on your brake pads to wear down very quick, but it can also ruin your drivetrain. When you go from 60 mph to 20 mph in a matter of seconds, your transmission doesn't have the time it needs to downshift in gear. Again, do it often enough and you are looking at new brake pads, a new drivetrain, and perhaps a new transmission.

Putting The Car In Park Without The Emergency Brake
If you're someone that likes to put the car when sitting at a drive through or in long traffic lines, make sure that you are also using the emergency brake. The emergency brake acts as a backup to ensure that your vehicle doesn't move out of place. If someone wasn't paying attention and ran into you with your car in park, it would force the vehicle to move from the force and potentially break your parking pawl?the thing that keeps the car place.

Not Stopping Completely Before You Start Driving Again
When you're in a hurry to back out of a parking spot, make sure the car is coming to a complete stop before you shift it into drive. If you don't bring the vehicle to a complete stop, the gears inside the transmission will stop be moving when you go to switch the gear in use. That is going to put a serious amount of pressure on the transmission and cause some pretty serious damage if made to be a regular habit.

Driving On An Empty Tank
You might be trying to save some money and see how much gas you can squeeze out of your cars tank, but it isn't going to do you any favors in the long run. Driving a car around on a low tank of gas allows sediment that has been sitting around the bottom of the fuel tank to get sucked up into the engine. This can damage the fuel lines and in time start to cause problems in your engine. Instead, fill up early and often and don't let your fuel gauge drop below 1/4 of a tank.

Drive Smart, Save Money
When you manage to avoid these common poor driving habits, you can save yourself a lot of money and hold onto your car a lot longer than most other car owners. If it's already too late and your car has come to its last days, perhaps it's time to start over with a new used vehicle. The professionals over at PickNBuy24 can get you into a high quality used vehicle at affordable prices. We are an international auto import company that ships vehicles to Africa, Oceania and Caribbean with years of experience getting customers great deals.