Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q1

    Which documents do I need to receive my vehicle?


    The documents below will be sent from AGASTA:

    • Customs Invoice
    • Bill of Lading

    Other documents may be required depending on your country's regulation.
    Please contact your local clearing agent for the details regarding the required documents.

  2. Q2

    Do I need to contact a clearing agent?


    Consult with your local clearing agent as soon as you found a vehicle from our website.

    ADDITIONAL COSTS: They will provide you with a detailed quotation if there are any extra costs involved after landing the vehicle at your local port. Furthermore, will they be able to provide you with the correct information and instructions for registration of your vehicle particular to your country.

  3. Q3

    How do I find a clearing agent?


    You can choose your own clearing agent in your local area, or you may refer to our list of preferred clearing agents available in your region.

  4. Q4

    How do I find a clearing agent?


    Contact your local clearing agent and confirm the exact arrival date of the vessel as well as the ideal pick up date.

    NOTE: Should you delay in picking up the vehicle, you may incur extra charges such as storage.