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Listen To Fm91-108.0MHz With Radio Band Expanders - Vol.247

The humble car radio is one of the greatest innovations to ever hit the auto industry. Granted it does absolutely nothing for the car's overall performance and, on the surface at least, is hardly the most innovative of concepts. However, there is a reason that they are pretty much a standard item with practically every car manufacturer. There are simply few things that can compare to driving on the open road with the windows down and a great tune coming out of the car stereo.

Most car radios operate on the FM frequency and, depending on how good the stereo is, the user will be able to pick up a range of stations that play anything from the latest chart toppers to classical music. There is pretty much something for everybody. Unfortunately, not all car stereos can pick up every frequency, which means that if you have a preferred station that falls outside the frequency band of your car's radio you will find yourself missing out on your favorite station during your drive.

Thankfully the technology industry has you covered. Radio band expanders are nifty little devices that can be combined with your car's radio to provide access to a range of frequencies beyond what the radio would normally be able to pick up. They are an essential purchase for the music lover who isn't able to find the station for them.

How do they work?
Those of you with A Japanese vehicle will have likely noticed that the car radio searches at much lower frequencies than you would normally be used for. This obviously isn't a problem in Japan, where radio stations operate on those frequencies, however if you import a vehicle this means that the radio won't be able to pick up frequencies that would otherwise come as standard.

A radio band frequency expander works by adding a further 20MHz to your radio band, allowing the driver to pick up an even larger range of frequencies than before. In the case of Japanese vehicles this means that the frequency band increases to the point where the listener can pick up frequencies in the Fm91-108.0MHz region.

How much do they cost?
Happily the kit required to increase your car radio's frequency isn't particularly complex so you should be able to pick up a decent expander at a fairly reasonable price. It will certainly cost you less than installing an entirely new radio and will ensure that you can enjoy your imported vehicle to the maximum level, with access to all of the great radio stations that you enjoy.

Are there any other benefits?
A good expander will not only increase the frequency range of the radio, it will also provide a better quality output as you edge towards the upper regions of the standard radio's frequency band. Better yet, all you need to install the expander is an audio jack and a little bit of fiddling and you can drive away knowing that the world of radio is entirely opened up to you.

Importing a Japanese vehicle has many advantages. Being one of the most technologically advanced nations on the planet, you can generally rest assured that the car will have been built to the highest safety standards and there is a certain level of prestige attached to a really good Japanese car. As with any import, there will be the odd barrier to overcome but, with nifty little gadgets like radio band expanders, you will soon be able to bring your car up to speed with the requirements of its new-found home nation, allowing you to experience the joys of home with your new ride.