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Pros and Cons of Next Generation Electric Cars - Vol.153

Concerns about the harm to the environment that emissions from gasoline powered vehicles are causing to the environment have brought about the development of cars that are powered by electricity. They are new to the market and are not yet being purchased on a large scale, but they are constantly in the news. In addition to the concerns about global warming and climate change, the rapid increase in the cost of petrol has made it necessary to consider using other sources of fuel for vehicles.

Even though the majority of people do realize that they have to minimize their carbon footprint, they are reluctant to give up their traditional ideas about which vehicle to purchase. The best way to become a more informed car buyer is to take a close look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying this type of vehicle.

Pros of using electric cars

*You are no longer completely dependent on the use of fossil fuels for your everyday travel. The engine used in these cars relies on the source of power that you gain from a rechargeable battery. You plug in the battery to an electrical outlet so that it can get full energy.
*You play an important role in the reduction of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere. Experts say that about one-third of these gases come from vehicles on the road.
*When you source of electricity comes from the burning of coal you are helping the environment by utilizing electricity to recharge the car battery.
*The reduction of harmful emissions, such as carbon dioxide, is clearly evident in the use of electric cars.
*The amount of money you save from not having to purchase gas to operate the car will more than pay for the extra charges on your electricity bill.
*You don't have to worry that continued use of electricity for battery recharging will decrease the electrical output of the power grid and cause a blackout.
*All of the parts of an electric car are recyclable, which is another point in favor of preserving the environment for future generations.
*You still get the same comfort and style in these cars as you do in conventional models.

Cons of using electric cars

*You do need to have an electrical outlet on the exterior of your home to plug in the battery for recharging. This means that your car is attached to the house when it is parked in the driveway, For those who live in areas where it is impossible to drive the car up to the outlet this makes it difficult for them to own an electric car. Apartment buildings do not have these sources of electricity in all their parking spaces.
*You will see a dramatic increase in the cost of the car as opposed to conventional vehicles. This is especially true of smaller conventional cars.
*The battery in an electric car will not last forever and will need to be replaced. This adds an additional cost to owning one of these vehicles.
*Even though you don't directly use fossil fuels to power the vehicle, the electricity that you use to recharge the battery comes from the burning of fossil fuels. As the usage of electric cars increases so will the amount of harmful emissions that come from these power plants because of the increased need for electricity.
*The lithium battery used in electric cars is not conducive to cold weather. Thus you may have problems with getting the car started.

It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons of buying a next generation electric car. In this way you can determine which one meets your needs.