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Will Hydrogen Fuelled Cars Become Successful? - Vol.149

Have you ever thought about using fuel other than petrol for your car? The hydrogen fuelled car is the latest creation from car manufacturers. This car runs on hydrogen because of the special engine that the vehicle contains. This technology has not yet been perfected to the point where you can easily purchase such a car at the car lot. Experiments and studies are in process to ensure that a water based fuel would be good for the cars and the environment as well as being economically feasible for owners.

Convert your car to hydrogen fuel capability
You do not have to start looking for a hydrogen fuelled car and condemn your present vehicle. Some car manufacturers have kits available for purchase that will convert your car to one that uses both water and gas for fuel. In addition to the kit you also need to have other materials to make this a reality. They include:

  • * Electrical wiring
  • * A glass jar that is vacuum sealed
  • * Baking soda
  • * A fuse

By following the instructions that come with the kit and using these materials, which are readily available, you will be able to use water to operate your car. The kit enables you to construct a battery that converts water into hydrogen. You will need to have an electrical outlet close by for recharging the battery.

Pros of using hydrogen fuelled cars
There are many advantages to choosing hydrogen over gas for operating your car. These vehicles do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. It gives the car more power. Unlike gas you have a ready supply of the water at home.

You may think that the electricity and the water use will be costly, but compared to the price of gas this is not so. Any increases in your utility bills that result from the use of a hydrogen fuelled car will be minimal. You will quickly be able to realize the savings and have extra money for leisure activities that you are now spending on gas to be able to enjoy your car.

Will hydrogen fuelled cars replace traditional cars?
As to the success or failure of hydrogen fuelled cars, that remains to be seen. This is still in the development stage and is not a common topic of discussion around the dinner table. The price of the car and the kits as well as the work involved in maintaining the battery charge and the water based fuel will be the telling points.

While the majority of car owners do not dispute the value of using hydrogen as fuel in their cars they do have concerns about how it will affect them. Some of the concerns that have been voiced are:

  • * Recharging the battery is one more thing that I have to add to the list of things I have to do each day.
  • * How do I manage to recharge the battery if I am taking a long trip?
  • * I live in an apartment building and there is no electrical outlet on the exterior of the building near where I park my car.

So it will take time and effort on the part of car manufacturers and the governments to make hydrogen fuelled cars successful. This is because it is not only they who have to make a financial investment in this technology. All car owners will have to make changes in their lifestyle and businesses will have to provide electricity on the exterior of the building. Instead of pulling up to the gas station to fuel up, you will have to pay for plugging in to a source of electricity.