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How Do Petrol Additives Perform With Your Car? - Vol.155

What is the purpose of petrol additives to the fuel in your car? Does they improve the car's performance? These are two important questions that car owners ask before they take the stepping of adding any of these products. The fact is that your wallet and your car can benefit in many ways through the use of petrol additives.

What are petrol additives?
This is perhaps the first question you have if you have never heard of petrol additives. A lubricating agent is one of the most important components in such additives and its purpose is to reduce friction. This translates into the reduction of wear and tear on the engine. You won't have to spend as much money on regular maintenance and the cost of the additives is very minimal. They also help keep the engine clean and this means you will immediately notice that the car engine runs very smoothly. Some of the other components in petrol additives inhibit the development of rust and corrosion. There are demulsifiers that help you get more mileage out of the petrol and this results in savings in the costs associated with driving.

Other ways petrol additives increase performance
With smoother operation, the engine in the car has more horsepower so that you really do get the full benefit of what the manufacturer says about the vehicles capabilities. This is also accomplished through the cleansing agents included in the additive because it reduces the amount of carbon that builds up. This helps the engine to have a longer life reducing your costs of having to take it to the garage to have repairs carried out.

Cleaner fuel also means that you won't have to fill up as often. This is because there will be less unburned fuel being released through the exhaust. This serves a second purpose in that you won't be releasing pollutants into the atmosphere. Premium petrol does have these additives included, but there is a dramatic difference in the price of premium and regular fuel. You can really save money by taking the first step and making sure you add the proper additive to your fuel tank.

Petrol stations generally have a different type of fuel available in the winter months that contains an anti-freeze agent. This helps prevent the gas from freezing in cold temperatures and the car from operating in a sluggish manner. Most people don't even realize this because they are so accustomed to waiting few minutes after turning on the ignition before they start driving in order to allow the engine to warm up.

Take care with petrol additives
If you decide to take on the task of ensuring that you use petrol additives to save money and prolong the life of the engine, you must make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Some additives are not recommended and if damage that occurs is linked to the use of additives you may void the warranty. It is always better to err on the side of caution and purchase fuel that already has the additives included.

Not all petrol additives are of equal quality. If you do decide to use your own fuel additives make sure that the product has been available on the market for some time and that it has been tested in cars such as the one you drive. It is better to do your research beforehand than to find out too late that you made the wrong choice. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and a garage would be the best place to start. Always make sure you are as informed as you possibly can about the fuel additives you use.