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Why Does Car Exhaust Cause Heavy Smog in China? - Vol.150

It is common knowledge that the exhaust from cars contributes to the problem of smog. This is especially true in large cities where there are many vehicles travelling the streets. It is not as apparent in rural areas because the emissions that come from one or two cars is not enough to notice. China has a massive problem with smog as a result of car exhaust. With the huge numbers of cars on the roads and highways, there is an unlimited number of pollutants being released into the air at any one time.

Pollutants found in car exhaust
The smog in the cities of China has made the world news on more than one occasion. Car accidents have killed hundreds of people because the smog was so thick that drivers were unable to have any visibility. In addition to making it difficult to see the road ahead of you there are many dangers in the pollutants released into the air through the car exhaust. Some of these are:

Hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons in the air come mainly from the emissions of unburned fuel in the exhaust. These are dangerous to people because they cause liver damage and liver cancer. Carbon Monoxide. The cars on the roadways of China are constantly adding to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Nitrogen Oxide. Nitrogen oxide results during the process of combustion in the engine of a car and is released through the exhaust. Older cars often have smoke coming from the exhaust. Included in this smoke are particulates that pollute the air and contribute to the problem of smog. Carbon Dioxide. This is one of the greenhouse gases that contributes to global warming.

Photochemical Smog in China
The smog that affects the large cities in China has been called photochemical smog. One of the main components is nitrogen oxide, which does come from cars as well as the numerous factories and coal burning operations. The air in these cities is polluted more so than any other country in the world. Nitric acid is just one of the pollutants released from the car exhaust that adds to the problem of smog in China. In addition there are many more gases in the exhaust that contributes to this problem and to the health of the residents.

Experts speak out about car exhaust smog
According to the World Health Organization the car density situation in Chinese cities is such that it is a leading cause of the destruction of the living elements of the environment. The formula that the organization uses for this purpose is the presence of more than 100 cars operating in a space of one square kilometre. At any one time in large cities there are more than 100 cars being used at the same time.

The government is taking steps to reduce the amount of emissions of harmful chemicals into the air, but it is hard to do this with so many cars being used on a daily basis. In peak periods of smog the government bans the use of cars on specific days of the week. It has also taken steps to set standards for the types of allowable vehicle emissions that car manufacturers must follow. It has also promoted the development and sale of electric cars and the use of additives in fuel.

There is no doubt that the cars are a necessity in the country but unless something is done soon, though, China and its inhabitants are in real danger of falling victim to the results of industrialization as it affects their health and the health of the environment.