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How to Shine the Body of Your Car - Vol.154

The gleaming shine of your new car won't last forever and requires regular maintenance if you want to keep it looking as if you have just driven it out of the showroom. The color will fade over time, but this doesn't mean that it has to look old because it has lost its shine. The elements of the weather have an effect on the appearance of the body of your vehicle, especially hail and UV rays from the sun. If you have a garage you should ensure that your car is inside when you are at home.

Here are some helpful tips for shining the body of your car:

1.Wash the car on a regular basis.
Set a day of the week for washing the car. This could be on a weekend when you do the work yourself or if you are feeling lazy you can drive through a car wash. You don't always have to wash the car by hand because a pressure washer gets into all the cracks and cervices where pollutants remain. This is true at all times of the year because of the damage that the weather can cause resulting in rust and corrosion. Washing your car also gets the dirt out of small areas that can lead to further problems. Dish detergent works well at cleaning and it is mild on the finish of the body.

2.Take time to ensure that the car is dry after washing
Yes the air and the sun will dry your car but you may also notice spots where the water ran and dried in a streak. Therefore in order to maintain the gleaming shine you should dry the car with a soft cloth so that this doesn't happen.

3.Wax the car
Using a show car wax will help you get the great shine you are looking for on the body of your car. To do this you should park the car in a shaded area so that it is completely cooled off from the hot wash. Use a dual action buffer with a small amount of the liquid rubbing compound on the pad. Start at the front of the car and work your way to the back. The buffer will work in small circular motions. The key to getting a brilliant shine is to not let the buffer stay on one spot for too long. Make sure you give each part of the car equal time for buffing the wax. A few seconds is all it takes.

4.Polish the wax
After you have applied the wax to the entire car, switch the pad on the buffer to one that polishes. Repeat the same process as you used for waxing and shine the wax so that your car gleams in the sun.

Before you start any waxing and polishing make sure you read the manufacturer's information about the car and the paint. In some cases the manufacturer will include information about the type of wax you should use and offer washing instructions. In this way you will be sure that you don't cause any damage as a result of your efforts to have a car that looks like new in your driveway at all times.

Check your car after each wash to make sure there are no dents or scratches that could mar your perfect shine. You also have to make sure that the pad is free of any small pieces of dust and dirt that could scratch the paint. It doesn't take a lot of work to have a gleaming shine on your car.