How to Buy

Importing a car is not as difficult as you think. Find information here on how to receive your vehicle.

5 Easy Steps to Buy A Used Car

STEP 5 : Pick-up

Receive and register your car

The time is upon you. It is time to pick up your vehicle at your local port, and after custom clearance are you close to driving your new vehicle.

The Final Step
The last action you need to take is simply register your vehicle at your local vehicle registration authority.

Helpful Tip
If you are not sure about the procedure(s) after picking up your vehicle, kindly consult your local customs agent on the procedure.

Further Help and Guidance - Simply Contact Us
If you have any further inquiries, and/or experience a problem after receiving your vehicle, please contact our company directly.

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Before You Start Driving!
The vehicle has not been driven for more than one (1) or more months during the time the vessel carrying your vehicle was at sea.
Our Recommendation:
Before driving, start up the engine and keep it running for 15 minutes. This 15 minutes will warm up the sleeping vehicle and ensure the engine is ready for its first drive around town.
Enjoy your drive!