How to Buy

Importing a car is not as difficult as you think. Its actually a pretty easy and straightforward process.

5 Easy Steps to Buy A Used Car

STEP 1 : Order

Order a car from the vehicle information screen as directed below

*We will contact you within two (2) days by phone regarding your inquiry.
If you do not receive a phone call within two (2) days, please check your e-mail (or spam folder) and get in touch with us via

For New Customers
It is important to ensure your contact details are correct. Your details will be used to send you important emails and documents regarding your vehicle purchase and delivery.
*Note: Sometimes, emails can end up in Spam or Junk folders. Therefore, if you don’t notice any of our emails within your inbox, kindly check these folders as well.
Please inform us if you wish to amend any information to the invoice:

Contact your local clearing agent and ask about customs clearance

Inquire: Upon contacting your local clearance agent, ask about local charges as indicated below:
*Note: You need the "Clearing Fee Except CIF Price" indicated on your invoice.

  • Cost of Wharf Age
  • Local Duty for Clearing
  • Inland Transport Fee - (if necessary)
  • Other Charges if Applicable (e.g. inspection fee, and so on.)

List of preferred local clearance agents

We understand finding your local clearance agent can often seem difficult, we have thus made it easier for you by providing herewith a list to some clearing agents our customers prefer: