How to Buy

Importing a car is not as difficult as you think. Its actually a pretty easy and straightforward process.

5 Easy Steps to Buy A Used Car

STEP 2 : Payment

Go to your local bank and proceed to payment

* Note: The transfer fee will be charged by remitting your Bank once the payment is made.

Contact your local clearance agent, and ask about customs clearance

Inquire: Upon contacting your local clearance agent, ask about local charges. (Previously discussed in Step 1)
Once you understand the total landing cost for your vehicle, proceed to payment.

Our bank details are on the proforma invoice shown below:

Visit Local Bank: Take the Proforma Invoice to your local bank, and ask a banker to arrange the payment via Telegrahic Transfer (Wire Transfer).
(Its possible to make use any bank(s) who accept foreign currency transfers.)

  • Payment terms and conditions
    Terms: Payment in Full in Advance.
  • Please confirm your money remittance by sending the bank receipt via E-mail or FAX.
    FAX: +81-3-4330-9091

We regret but our stock will be sold upon "First come - First serve" basis.
Even if your payment was not received in time, and your car is not available, be assured that you have a choice between the below options:

  • Refund: Your money is refunded back to you
  • Replacement: Choose a replacement vehicle
  • Choose Another: Choose another vehicle from our stock for the same value
Our Top Tips
Payment Via PayPal

Payments via PayPal can be done as follows:


Choose your Payment Method as PayPal when you proceed to order your vehicle.


On the order confirmation page, click on the banner: "PayPal Click Here to Pay".


Either Log-in to your PayPal account, or create a PayPal account to proceed with the payment.
*If you would like to pay through PayPal, you need to use Extra Warranty Option. For more info, please check the link below.

If you are not sure how to pay online, please let us know.
We can also send a Proforma Invoice via PayPal.

*Payment via PayPal for a vehicle requires making use of the Extra Warranty Option. For more info, please check the link below.
> Original Warranty Option

Payment Via MoneyGram

If your chosen payment method is via MoneyGram, please choose your Payment Method as MoneyGram when placing an order.


Find a MoneyGram location near you and visit your local MoneyGram agent


Complete a simple money transfer form.


Contact the person receiving your money transfer.
Find a MoneyGram location

The name of receiver is detailed as below:
Receiver: Yasuo Nishimuta
*Our President & CEO
Country: Japan

* Please send us the transfer copy and REFFERENCE NUMBER to confirm.

Wait for our "Confirmation of Payment" E-mail

Frequently asked questions about "confirmation of payment" E-mail
Q. What is Consignee Detail?
A. Owner to be of the vehicle you purchased -- this will be on your B/L.
Q. What is Courier Detail?
A. DHL/UPS address where the document(s) are to be sent.
*Note: We need your full name(s), full address, phone number and email. Japanese Custom requires the street name/house number.
Kindly ensure to include all required information.