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How to Buy

Importing from Japan is not as difficult as you think! How to receive your vehicle?

5 Easy Steps to Buy Japanese Used Car

STEP 3 : Shipment

Wait for the "Booking Notice" E-mail

Within 2 weeks after receiving the consignee details, we will inform you the shipping schedule "Booking Notice" E-mail.

When you receive the "Booking Notice", please re-confirm the details shown below.
Documents below will be sent before the arrival of the vessel by courier.
The documents are
  • Customs Invoice
    This invoice is used by your local customs department to assess the value of your vehicle.
  • Bill of Lading
    It is required at the port of destination in order to receive your vehicle from the port.
  • Other documents
    May be required depending on your country's regulation.

*Note: Depending on the country, those document will be sent by E-mail.

How long does shipment take? Please click below to see the approximate delivery times for each region.
For clients from Mozambique. Mozambique clients are required to apply for Intertek Inspection in Japan.