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  • Vol.354 - How to Determine the Age of a TireNEW24.May 2017

    Who would have thought that determining the age of a tire can be as tricky as online dating? Just the age alone is not indicative of the appearance and just the appearance alone is not indicative of the age. You have to determine both the age and the appearance of a tire to correctly arrive at its true age...

  • Vol.353 - Lock Nut: What is It and Why is It Used?17.May 2017

    There was a time when it's not uncommon to see cars resting on bricks. Yes, some of them were old cars that the owners had stripped the parts for reuse or resale. Most of them though, were missing the rims and tires because they were stolen. And the cars were sitting on bricks not because...

  • Vol.352 - Importance of Engine Braking When Going ...10.May 2017

    There is a form of braking called engine braking that many drivers have never heard of. They have unconsciously used it and experienced it, but this braking is boring and not very sexy so no one is ever too crazy about it. There are no shiny brake discs and exotic brake pads...

Author: Tamotsu Todoroki - Отдел продаж

Присоединился к AGASTA CO., LTD. и занимался покупкой товаров ассортимента в течение многих лет. После этого получил должность в Отделе по продажам и организовал свою колонку о подержанных японских автомобилях в качестве опытного консультанта по автомобилям.