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  • Vol.333 - The Most Ridiculous Car Accessories on the ...NEW07.Dec 2016

    Since the dawn of the commercial automobile industry, motorists have loved to dote of their vehicles. The automotive industry has obliged this trend by continuously churning out a striking variety of innovative gadgets and accessories for the doting motorist to apply to their car...

  • Vol.332 - Traffic Orientation, MPH, KPH, Traffic Laws ...30.Nov 2016

    Many experienced motorists will assume that 'driving is just driving' as they get behind the steering wheel of a rental car in a foreign country. But driving in another country can be confusing, surprising and include consequences for maneuvers that would be perfectly legal at home...

  • Vol.331 - Left-Handed Traffic or Right-Handed Traffic? ...23.Nov 2016

    Cars moving along a two way street will have to drive with some uniformity and this uniformity is referred to as traffic -handedness. The big question is why some countries urge their motorists to drive on the left side of the road while the vast majority of countries keep to the right side of the road...

Author: Tamotsu Todoroki - Отдел продаж

Присоединился к AGASTA CO., LTD. и занимался покупкой товаров ассортимента в течение многих лет. После этого получил должность в Отделе по продажам и организовал свою колонку о подержанных японских автомобилях в качестве опытного консультанта по автомобилям.