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  • Vol.367 - How to Measure Your Average Gas MileageNEW23.Aug 2017

    Every driver is concerned with how much gas they're going to use - after all, a significant part of our monthly budget goes towards paying gas for our cars. So, unless you're super wealthy and have your own personal driver, you probably want to make sure that your car gets good gas mileage. But how to measure it?...

  • Vol.366 - How to Change Your Cars' Wiper Blades16.Aug 2017

    Every car owner knows that regular maintenance is essential in taking care of every car. After a while, parts will fail, and you need to make sure that all systems are up and running to ensure a smooth ride. One of the important parts of a car is definitely windshield wipers which, as many other parts, deteriorate over time. You can't expect them...

  • Vol.365 - A Brief Basic Guide to Buying a Car04.Aug 2017

    Interested in buying a car, but you don't know much about cars? Don't worry, you're not the only one with that problem. It would be unreasonable to expect from everyone to keep up with the latest automotive news when deciding which car to buy. Sure, there are a lot of reviews online and in magazines, but that research takes time, and not everyone...

Author: Tamotsu Todoroki - Отдел продаж

Присоединился к AGASTA CO., LTD. и занимался покупкой товаров ассортимента в течение многих лет. После этого получил должность в Отделе по продажам и организовал свою колонку о подержанных японских автомобилях в качестве опытного консультанта по автомобилям.