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  • Vol.327 - Priceless Tips Nobody Tells You About Owning ...NEW26.Oct 2016

    Owning a used car is not just about having the limitless credit and boundless financial resources normally associated with the very rich and famous. For a financially savvy professional with the time and patience to locate a killer deal as well as the practical skills and mechanical savvy to get...

  • Vol.326 - Driving Safely in Extreme Weather Conditions18.Oct 2016

    Sudden violent weather conditions are common in many areas and when they strike, safely maneuvering through a windswept road with low visibility can be very dangerous. While rain and wind are not usually a serious concern for most experienced drivers, the surprisingly difficult conditions they...

  • Vol.325 - Why Your Car is so Easy to Handle - The Power ...12.Oct 2016

    Many vehicles in existence today feature power steering. More appropriately named, power assisted steering, power steering is the car function that greatly facilitates steering when driving at low speeds and when parking, it also makes driving very heavy vehicles effortless, even for people who...

Author: Tamotsu Todoroki - Отдел продаж

Присоединился к AGASTA CO., LTD. и занимался покупкой товаров ассортимента в течение многих лет. После этого получил должность в Отделе по продажам и организовал свою колонку о подержанных японских автомобилях в качестве опытного консультанта по автомобилям.