Picknbuy24 and Hikingauto
Two of the most reliable exporter companies from Japan and China have come together to create Qingdao SinTi Automobile Co., Ltd to offer their customers the best quality and price on Chinese Car stock to be exported and supply your needs.

19,000 KM

2.0 L


FOB 41,450 USD

     2014 CHERY      TIGER 3

44,000 KM

1.6 L


FOB 7,550 USD
2010 CNHTC


100,000 KM

9,7 L


  FOB 5,450 USD


70.000 KM

1.6 L


FOB 13,150 USD
2014 CHREY        TIGER 5
69,000 KM

2.0 L


FOB 8,850 USD

45,000 KM

2.4 L 


FOB 16,250 USD
Why To Choose Qingdao SinTi Automobile Co., Ltd.   As Your Trusted Chinese Supplier 
  • We have highly qualified ready to assist you with your purchases.
  • We are one of the exporting companies with more experience in the market.
  • No hidden costs on your purchases.
  • Our 24/7 service can contact us any day and at any time.
  • We have a detailed database with detailed information on the units before their purchase.
  • We have access to a large stock inland China.
  • Most major car manufacturers are producing vehicles in China so you will be able to find your dream car at an affordable price.
Frequent ask questions 

Q1 How long does the shipment take?

A1: Delivery of your vehicle to your nearest port will depend on the timing of your payment, as well as the shipping company's schedule. Please click below to see the approximate delivery times for each region.

VIEW: Estimated Delivery Time Per Region

Q2 When will my car be shipped?

A2:  We shall notify you of your vehicle's shipping details within 20 days from the date of confirmation by our logistics department.

Q3 How will I know about the shipping schedule?

A3: Booking will be arranged by AGASTA CO., LTD.

The estimated departure and arrival date of your shipment will be sent out via email from our logistics department within two (2) weeks from the date of confirmation.

In some cases, AGASTA will contact you personally to obtain further information they may require before shipment. (Otherwise, leave it up to us.)

We will advise shipment details once the vehicle is confirmed for shipment by the particular shipping company who will be responsible for the shipment of your vehicle.

To Do: Keep in close contact with your local shipping agent should there perhaps be any changes on the arrival date, and confirm with the local shipping agent in case the arrival date has been changed.

Contact Your Local Customs Clearing Agent: We strongly recommend you to contact your local clearing agent, or shipping agent, to confirm the arrival date before you collect your vehicle.

Q4 What is the information required for shipment?

A4: There are three different types of information required to confirm the shipment of your vehicle: 

·        Consignee Address

·        Information and exact address of the person, showing on the shipping documents.

·        This is the person who will receive the vehicle.

·        Courier Address

·        The exact address where the shipping document will be sent.

·        Notify Party

·        Contact person at the port of delivery. This is your clearing agent in most cases.

·        Important: Kindly supply this information in the case you require us to announce the shipping schedule apart from the consignee.

Q5 What do I have to prepare for the shipment?

A5: In most cases, nothing. AGASTA will arrange the shipment of your vehicle on this site, on your behalf.

Once you received the notice for booking, please note down the exact arrival date so that you may collect your vehicle as scheduled.