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Get easy cash!    

Picknbuy 24 has this amazing rewards program to help us to give back to our amazing clients and dealers that have been with us as well as new incomers. So we can all grow together on this amazing business.

How to get the cash!    

To apply for the program is really simple you just need to ensure your referrals used the unique code that would be sent to you by email and make sure he mentions it to our sales agents and put it the code on the transfer reference. As soon as the transaction finishes you would be informed that the money has been added to your picknbuy24.com account.

What's the catch?    

Different from other companies there is no catch or maximum referrals cap. However, there are a few rules we would like to let you know. So you can see have a clear understanding of this amazing offer.

  • Each referral counts as 100 USD and the money would be transferred to your desire account automatically after every 5 referrals or 500 USD. Transfer bellow that number would not be performed.
  • Each referral to qualify to be accounted for the BL needs to be produced and send to the client. Also, the client has provided us feedback over the transaction thru social media or email.
  •  Your unique code need to be mentioned during the transaction as well on the TT referral infomation.
  • Bank transfer of the fund would be covered by the recipient 
  • Post sale referal would not be counted. 
  • Start earning with  Today

    Picknbuy 24.com Cash Back program !

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