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  • 8.Dec 2010

    2011 New Year Holiday Notice

    Our office is scheduled to close from Wednesday December 29th 2010 to January 3rd for the annual New Year's Holiday but we will return on Tuesday, January 4th 2011, when we will be able to reply to your e-mail. For urgent matters please contact us at:
    Telephone: +81-3-4330-9090

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  • 21.Sep 2010

    Renewal of French Website

    French website has just been renewed.
    Website, email, invoice, shipping schedule and lots of information can be displayed in French.
    Ease your car purchase in French.
  • 14.Sep 2010

    Pickup Truck Available!!

    Pickup truck available on our website
    We started supplying pickup truck, car loved by people around the world.
    Please check the powerful look and high spec, you will be interested in Pickup Truck.

    Click : Move to Pickup truck page
  • 14.Sep 2010

    New Website Released!! We Supply Left Hand Drive Korean Vehicles!!

    Newly released LHD Korean Vehicles website!!
    For you who want LHD vehicles, We supply the highest quality Korean vehicles that are certified by either HYUNDAI or HKUCAR.
    Visit the new website first.

    How to go?
    Just click banner on TOP PAGE

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    Click : Move to LHD korean vehicles website
  • 16.Aug 2010

    Renewal of Portuguese Website

    Portuguese website has just been renewed.
    Website, email, invoice, shipping schedule and lots of information can be displayed in Portuguese.
    Ease your car purchase in Portuguese.
  • 3.Jun 2010

    New My Account Page released

    For improvement of customer's usability, we have renewed "My Account Page".
    Various functions are added to ease your car purchase on
    You can receive variable information, and no more to be bothered to call your
    sales representative to keep truck of import procedure of your purchased vehicle.

    New functions of "My Account Page"are listed below.

    ·Update campaign information
    You can check our latest campaign from

    ·Select 4 weekly newsletters
    You can choose to receive 4 different weekly newsletters from

    ·Check shipping status
    After you arrange payment, you can check your shipping status .
    We will update status as your importing procedure proceeds.

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    Click Here to log in or create a new account now.
    Thank you very much for your corporation. Please enjoy shopping with us.
  • 9.Mar 2010

    Shipping Cost to Durban and Mombasa is reduced!!

    Big chance for customers in Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya and Uganda. We discounted more shipping cost!
    You can save up to 19% of "Shipping Cost" to port of Durban and Mombasa.
    Please do not miss this chance to save your money.

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    Please Compare with Other Vehicle Exporters! We Serve Cheapest Shipping Cost!
  • 8.Jan 2010

    Notice to the Introduction of Pre-Clearance to the Service to Papua New Guinea

    Due to there have been several troubles arising successively in releasing cargo in Papua New Guinea such as leaving payment for the cargo outstanding between shipper and consignee and pending cargo taking up a large amount of space in wharf and yard, The PNG Ports Corporation has announced the Introduction of Pre-Clearance at PNG ports.

    From January 1st 2010, all cargo are required to be Pre-Cleared prior to the vessel's arrival at PNG ports. If you do not fill this requirement, your vehicle will not be allowed to be discharged at PNG ports and must be returned to the port of loading on board same vessel.

    Please note that required documents for Pre-Clearance as following;

    1. Commercial Invoice.
    2. Bill of Landing (Original or Copy.)
    3. Bank remittance stop or equivalent which proves your payment to us.
    4. Bank remittance slip or equivalent which proves your payment for import tax.

    *Please acknowledge that we, exporter, are not responsible for any loss or damage occur due above and we are not burdened with any incidental costs and charges including but not limited to the ocean freight back to the port of loading and any penalty or fine raised by the PNG Ports Corporation or other authority.

    We appreciate your kind understanding and Please read official document from shipping company below

    >> Click to read official document from Shipping Company

    Sincerely Yours,

    Sales Director Kazuki Igusa