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  • 23.Dec 2020

    Guidance on our New Year holiday 2020! Happy New Years !!!

    Dear valued customers,

    Thank you for your generous support.

    We are pleased to announce our New Year holidays would be between December 28, 2020, and January 3, 2021.

    We will start Normal business from January 4, 2020

    Please note that during the holiday period, we are not able to provide any information on vehicle details and availability as well as shipping schedules.

    If you have any inquiries, please email,

    We will respond sequentially from January 4.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause your corporation.

    Again thank you for your support during the year of 2020 and stay safe this holidays and we look forward to trading with you again on 2021

    Have a happy new year

  • 29.Oct 2020

    Picknbuy 24 Now give you access to Chinese stock !!! Come and check it out

    From Today! 

    Picknbuy24 and Hikingauto

    Two of the most reliable exporter companies from Japan and China have come together to create Qingdao SinTi Automobile Co., Ltd to offer their customers the best quality and price on Chinese Car stock to be exported and supply your needs.

    You can check the available stock right now! on the following link

    Also, you can get in touch with your sells representative to help you to find out of available models and cars 

  • 10.Sep 2020

    One of the best deals for you today Picknbuy24 and Good Speed together !!!!!

    We have formed a business alliance between one of the largest car exporter companies in Japan and Good Speed one of the highest suppliers of high-quality SUVs in Japan.

    This alliance has as propose of bringing to our clients the best quality possible SUVs at the best prices.

    Picknbuy24 is currently selling to over 128 around the world and we are looking to expand to new adventures as countries like China, keep an eye on our news for more information.

    The Good Speed team would provide our client over 2000 new stock units ready to go worldwide with the quality of SUVs and minivans that characterize this company. So keep an eye on our stock as new units are coming soon.

    We will continue been a top company on the World Wide Car Market and with Good Speed as our partner. We hope this would improve our position in the markets

    Looking forward to keeping bringing exciting news

  • 16.Jul 2020

    Check out or Virus buster works on our video

    Check out our new Virus Buster Service is working on our latest video

  • 8.Jun 2020

    Check out our Amazing Mid year Clearance Starting from today !!!!

    From today until the end of the month we got a special list of vehicles we need them gone !!!! 

    So text us out and let us know if your vehicles is part of the list and you can have an unbelievable price !! 

    Ask our staff today!
  • 28.Apr 2020

    We Heard Your Voice Now Lets See The Results !!!

    we have surveyed over 500 of our previous clients and this what they have to say about us and we would like to keep hearing from you 

    news 01

    Thanks again to all the people that collaborate to helping us improve our services and looking forward to keeping hearing from you !!!! 

  • 26.Mar 2020

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) related update!!

    As the CoronaVirus (COVID-19)  is affecting Worldwide we would like to give you a quick update on logistics from Picknbuy 

    Due to some Country policies at these stages, we are experiencing delays on inspection and shipments, please kindly be patient but please do not worry we would keep you informed during all stages of your purchases and we would guide you on any possible misstep we suffer along the way.

    We are in this together and We would overcome this adversity together 

    Best regards

  • 4.Mar 2020

    Check out our New updated delivery location

    Are you planing to import from Africa Let us help you check our new port delivery routes !! on this link