Inland Delivery Service via Dar Es Salaam

Inland Delivery Service via Dar Es Salaam

You just receive your car in city centre. We organize inland delivery from Dar Es Salaam to Nakonde and Lusaka.
Importing vehicles from Japan has never been easier.

Save Time and Money

Save Bank Charges
You do not need to pay for a clearing agent in Dar Es Salaam.
Simply make a wire transfer to
Your vehicle will be delivered to the border without any extra cost.

Avoid Expensive Storage Charges
Avoid expensive storage charges as we deliver your car as soon as we receive it at the port of Dar Es Salaam.
If you are a person who do not have time to collect the vehicle, this is the solution for you.

No Courier Charges
You do not need to send your documents to a clearing agents in Dar Es Salaam.
You will receive your vehicle with no extra paperwork.

Important Information

Duty, Tax, and VAT
Duty, TAX, and VAT is NOT INCLUDED in the price of inland delivery.
You must pay for each at the border, or to your agent(s).

Vehicle Collection Point
Your car will be delivered and cleared at the city center, where from you can collect it.

Driver Delivery

Our preferred forwarder VEHICLE SERVICES LOGISTICS (Z) LTD., will deliver your vehicle from Dar Es Salaam to other cities within your country.
Do not worry about car accidents, damages or stolen parts during inland delivery.
Euromax Limited, a clearing agent in Dar es Salaam, receives your documents to clear your vehicle from the port.
Euromax Limited
Address: Nkrumah Street, Clock Tower Building
3 floor. P.O. BOX 62404
Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA

Tel: +255 222 127 439
Fax: +255 222 129 434

How to Use Inland Delivery

  1. 1Select a Vehicle You Want
  2. 2Select your country and destination as City Name
  3. 3Calculate the total price up to your city