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  • Vol.359 - The Four Best Arguments Against Cheap TiresNEW28.Jun 2017

    Many experts argue that tires are the most important components of your car, and that you shouldn't buy them cheap. Here are the four main reasons why you should never settle for low-quality tires...

  • Vol.358 - The Ingenious Toyota Production System21.Jun 2017

    You don't become the world's largest automaker just like that ? and Toyota sure knows that. The company produces millions of cars each year all over the world, serving many different segments, from compacts to large SUVs and utility vehicles. What is their secret? Well, there are probably many, but one of the things that helped this company be great is the Toyota Production System...

  • Vol.357 - Why the Condition of a Japanese Used Car Can ...14.Jun 2017

    When buying a used car, buyers are faced with a plethora of options. Dozens of brands and hundreds of models are available from every continent, which, of course, is great news for buyers. It gives them an excellent choice and the assurance that they will find a vehicle that's perfect for their needs and also perfect for their money. But which one to choose?...

Author: Tamotsu Todoroki - Département des Ventes

Je me suis joint à AGASTA CO, LTD. et j'ai fait des achats de voitures depuis des années. J'ai déménagé au Département de Ventes et j'ai commencé cette colonne sérialisé à propos de voitures japonaises d'occasion. Je conseille des voitures et je partage une bonne dose de connaissances.