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  • Vol.322 - The Best Ways to Prevent Car TheftNEW21.Sep 2016

    Having your vehicle stolen could be a devastating event, losing your mode of transportation and potentially losing the money invested in it. While insurance may help cover any loss or damage due to theft, it can become a hassle and requires police involvement. It is not a good idea to rely...

  • Vol.321 - Tint Your Car Windows14.Sep 2016

    There are many reasons to tint your car's windows. Along with raising your vehicle's resale value, window tinting also helps keep the car cool, and it provides protection to the interior. Professional window tinting can be very pricey, but you can do it yourself at home to reduce the cost...

  • Vol.320 - 5 Ways to Save Money on Auto Repairs07.Sep 2016

    Being a car owner is not a cheap responsibility. AAA has stated that the average annual cost of owning and operating a sedan is about $9,000. Insurance and fuel are constantly becoming more expensive, so it only makes sense that you find ways to reduce costs where possible...

Author: Tamotsu Todoroki - Département des Ventes

Je me suis joint à AGASTA CO, LTD. et j'ai fait des achats de voitures depuis des années. J'ai déménagé au Département de Ventes et j'ai commencé cette colonne sérialisé à propos de voitures japonaises d'occasion. Je conseille des voitures et je partage une bonne dose de connaissances.