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  • Vol.341 - Why You Should Own Windshield Washer FluidNEW22.Feb 2017

    Whether it be traversing off-road, driving through inclement weather (rain, snow), or simply going about your daily commute to work, it's always smart to keep your windshield clean and unobstructed by the elements. Regardless if you reside within a warm climate or a place where conditions go below freezing, windshield washer fluid is recommended not only to keep you and your passengers safe...

  • Vol.340 - When Should I Use Neutral Gear with Automatic ...15.Feb 2017

    'N', or 'Neutral', is a gear that has confused many owners of automobiles with automatic transmissions over the years. Sometimes the owner's manual doesn't tell you when to use it and sometimes your parents or driving instructor didn't explain the use very well. It is surprisingly common to find people that either never use 'Neutral' or they just aren't sure when or why to use it...

  • Vol.339 - When Should Headlamps Be Used?08.Feb 2017

    Sometimes, it's easy to be unsure about whether or not you should be driving with your headlamps on. Maybe you see some cars using them and some cars not, or the weather just won't make up its mind. It can be even more confusing if you travel a lot, as laws and regulations can be different depending on where you are. While the most important thing to consider is safety...

Author: Tamotsu Todoroki - Département des Ventes

Je me suis joint à AGASTA CO, LTD. et j'ai fait des achats de voitures depuis des années. J'ai déménagé au Département de Ventes et j'ai commencé cette colonne sérialisé à propos de voitures japonaises d'occasion. Je conseille des voitures et je partage une bonne dose de connaissances.