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Are you ready for the New Prius - Vol.467

Toyota has unveiled the all-new Prius for the first time globally, with Series Parallel Hybrid (HEV) models to launch in winter this year and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) models to launch in spring 2023.

Meaning "to go before" in Latin, the Prius has led the expansion of HEVs over the 25 years since it was first launched as a new-generation eco-car with outstanding fuel efficiency. While the hybrid system had its start with the Prius, almost every model these days, from compact cars to SUVs, minivans, and commercial vehicles, has a hybrid version cherished and enjoyed by countless customers.

The development team decided to start from scratch and look at what the Prius needs to remain popular for the next 25 years. Based on a desire to renew the Prius itself and communicate the appeal of hybrid cars to an even wider audience, the Hybrid Reborn concept was created.

The automotive industry is going through a once-in-a-century transformation, with a range of new next-generation powertrain options being developed. For the Prius HEV to continue as the vehicle of choice for the coming generation, the new Prius needed more than its core strength as an environmentally friendly car. Therefore, it was developed as an exhilarating package with, stylish designs that users will fall in love with at first sight and captivating driving performance.

So what it has change?

The new Prius has been reborn externally with even more stylish proportions through a low center of gravity and large-diameter 19-inch wheels and a total of eight body colors are available, including two newly-developed solid base colors of Ash and Mustard that create a sporty impression.

In the inside The "island architecture" concept has been used to achieves a low-stress, spacious interior with a cockpit that makes it easy to concentrate on driving .In addition to the instrument panel which uses Toyota's first illuminated warning system which provide an ambient light that highlights the interior, this new Toyota Safety Sense-linked feature is incorporated into the styling. It alerts the driver to detected objects through flashing lights before the audible warnings to creating a more reassuring driving experience.

Under the hood two new engines has been added to the prius. One ?2.0-liter Plug-in Hybrid System to deliver acceleration and quietness that are dramatically improved from the previous model in combination with a high-efficiency that provides an improvement on range by 50% in comparison with previous models.

The second engine is the latest Series Parallel Hybrid System that offers satisfying acceleration and responsive driving in a car that reacts as expected while maintaining the same level of fuel efficiency.

In regards the chassis the chassis also has been improved proving better stability for straight-line driving, responsiveness that meets driver intentions in corners, and easy line-tracing ability.

Finally, the most advances features has been added such as Toyota sense, new auto parking assist system and two 100 VAC / 1,500 W accessory power outlets; one at the back of the center console and one in the cargo space that users can select between different external power supply mode, which allow to use power from the battery only without having to start the engine.


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