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It was a combined endeavour between General Motors and past-alignment associate Suzuki that saw General Motors release its own adaptation of the Suzuki Swift. Incorporating the ingenuity of Suzuki with Chevrolet's innovation, all-wheel drive ability and excellent suspension, it became the most challenging collective undertaking between Suzuki and General Motors, who at the time held a 20% stake in Suzuki.

General Motors presented the Chevrolet Cruz with a 1.3L or 1.5L 4-cylinder engine. Through General Motors' communication system in Japan's AutoWorld installations, the automobile hit the auto industry in November 2001.

Even though a dual-sales initiative was implemented, the sales for the Chevrolet Cruz did not meet its target of 20,000. Sales continued to perform poorly until 2006, when General Motors paused the production thereof.

Chevrolet Cruze: Bigger and Better
The 2013 Chevrolet Cruze brought forth a persuasive mixture of graceful style and fuel efficiency to the compact car industry. In almost all auto trading markets where the Chevrolet Cruze is sold, buyers have an option to buy either a petrol or diesel model. North America has thus far been the only exception, but that is due to change in 2014.

The Chevrolet Cruze is characterised by solid body lines, a perpendicular slant windscreen, serpentine roof line, long head lights and a modest C-Pillar. The bonnet is long with an upward bulging front. The dual radiator framework is manufactured from chrome-lined black honeycomb mesh. The headlights extends to the A-Pillar and sufficiently lights up dark roads.

Chrome is the essence of the Cruze and it is displayed beautifully; from the radiator framework to the blended chrome door handles, right down to the tail lamp detail.

The Chevrolet Cruze features a brushed aluminium centre housing with a 6-CD changer, climate control air-conditioner and a clear LCD display. Leather craft is a standard feature. The seats are luxuriously upholstered in leather, the front seats are fully height adjustable and very comfortable. The leg room in the rear is also sufficient.

Suzuki Swift: Still Standing After All These Years
There have been many designs and phases in the life of the Suzuki Swift. However, the newly designed Suzuki Swift has noticeably received an extreme make-over. The retentive look of the early editions has been cast off and has been substituted to display a more covenant and chic strikingness.

Although the new Suzuki Swift is more compact, it hosts an extended wheelbase. The head-and tail lamps were fitted with clear lenses to enhance headlight visibility in the dark. It also features a more streamlined bonnet which enhances its dynamic. Because the head lamps follow the contour of the bonnet and wing, it makes the front profile appear to be wider.

The Suzuki Swift further features colour-coded bumpers which blend perfectly with the contours of the vehicle.

A standard feature of the Swift remains its power-steering, with the added bonus of a tilt-adjust steering wheel. The front and rear doors are fitted with power windows and central locking. Child lock is fitted on the rear doors only. Other standard features include a parcel shelf, glove compartment and a roof lamp.

Performance: Suzuki Swift vs Chevrolet Cruze
The Suzuki Swift hosts a 4-cylinder 1197cc petrol unit and 1248cc diesel unit individually. The petrol model can reach a maximum ability of 87PS at 6000rpm and torque is rated at 114Nm at 4000rpm. The diesel version peaks at 75PS at 4000rpm and torque is rated at 190Nm at 2000rpm.

The Chevrolet Cruz hosts a 4-cylinder, 16 valve 2.0L VCDI engine which is Euro IV and BS IV prepared. It has an engine yield of 150PS at 4000rpm and a maximum torque rate of 327PS at 2600rpm.

The Suzuki Swift has been described as an assured drive. It is mainly attributed to its succinct design. The gearbox of the automobile stays flowing, thus eliminating any additional attempts to shift gears. It has an extremely effective braking system. The power steering boasts with a turning diameter of 4.8m which makes it easier to manoeuvre the vehicle out of tight corners or barred parking areas.

The Chevrolet Cruze is extremely stable at high speeds and does not falter. The chassis is well manufactured to endure high and low speed corners with comfort. The steering wheel is dead on target and directs the vehicle incisively. Deceleration of the disc brakes is highly efficient and allows the vehicle to hold its line even under extreme conditions.

The approximate market price of the Suzuki Swift starts from £9,995 for a 3-door to £12,245 for a 5-door with manual transmission.

Prices for the Chevrolet Cruze start at £11,545 and reach up to £15,195 for the VCDi LT 150PS series.