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  • Vol.380 - 5 Must Have Accessories for Your Next CarNEW22.Nov 2017

    So, you've decided to buy a new car. One of the first things to do is to set a budget and look for cars within a certain price range. However, the first price you see for a car is the "starting at" price, which means it won't include a few, or even many, of its nicest features. Actually, that depends on the brand. With some newer models, you can get an all-in-one package, while with others...

  • Vol.379 - 7 Tips for Recognizing a Bad Used Car15.Nov 2017

    If you want to buy a car but your finances are tight, then a used car may be your best bet. After all, prices for used cars can be almost 50% lower than those of new cars. However, don't be fooled by the price tag alone. Making the wrong deal may lead to unexpected expenses later because of issues like poor fuel efficiency and mechanical or electrical defects...

  • Vol.378 - Caring for and Rejuvenating Your Aging Car08.Nov 2017

    If you are anything like us, you love your car and want to see it last a lifetime. Most people get very attached to their cars, each one seems to have its own unique personality and quirks. When the time comes to let a car 'die', most of us have to admit that it's hard to imagine ever finding another one we'd love quite as much as the one before...

Author: Tamotsu Todoroki - Sales Department

Join in AGASTA CO., LTD. and dealing with purchase of stock for years. After that moved to Sales Department and start serialized Column about Japanese used cars as a car advisor with a good deal of knowledge.